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*Headlines ==================================================*
o Electric vehicles will lower your power bill http://buff.ly/1ZTh7jf
oo “Electric cars are fun to drive, affordable and great for the
oo “EVs here have CO2 equivalent of 94 miles per gallon”
oo “Oregonians spend ~$6 billion a year on gasoline, so the potential
benefits of "electric dividends" are enormous”
oo “EVs stimulate the economy by returning money that would otherwise be
spent on imported gasoline”

*Events ====================================================*
o EV Ride & Drive at Oregon's capitol, Feb 23 http://buff.ly/1Z6DxwQ
o Energize Oregon Transport-Electrification F2F, February 23
o Electric Mobility and Equity, Feb 24 http://buff.ly/1W6gkel
o Industrial EV Market, March 17 http://buff.ly/1SNVOzm
o Driving EV Adoption meeting: Program Updates, April 7

*Northwest EV News ==========================================*
o Rent an EV by the day in Portland on Turo http://buff.ly/1o0QFsb
o Electric Vehicle Rundown: What’s Available and Coming to Washington State
o Oregon lights a fire under coal power http://buff.ly/1nZPrxm
o Portland company pioneers faster, solar-powered electric car charging
stations http://buff.ly/1SW1ZSR
o Oregonians argue about energy plan: Do EVs save money for ratepayers?
o California Utilities Get Creative with EV Charging, Oregon may fast
follow http://buff.ly/1nZUHB7
o Support Clean Electricity & EVs in Oregon - House Bill 4036
o This electric trike is the weirdest way to drive to work - Arcimoto
o Drive Oregon is hiring a Program Assistant! Apply by February 1st to be
considered to join our team. Details: http://ow.ly/WY0IV
o Pacific Power Analysis of Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Plan
Shows HB 4036 is Affordable and Workable http://buff.ly/1OSTpRd
o Oregon's coal bill gets endorsements as Salem prepares for 2016 session

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o 3-Wheeled "Esoteric" Arcimoto SRK EV Test Driven By KBB (video)
o Elon Musk speaks in Paris: Model 3, Phone Mirroring, Superchargers, + -
YouTube http://buff.ly/1P5XXBv
o Day In The Life Of An Autopilot-Equipped Tesla (video)
o Adding a LEAF battery pack to a Chevy S-10 pickup truck (video)
o Musk vs. Buffett, a Solar War in the Desert Heats Up (video)
o Stimulating Demand for Electric Cars Amid Oil Price Drop (video)
o 2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug-in Hybrid Review (video) http://buff.ly/1QNNCig
o Elon Musk speaks at the Hyperloop Pod Award Ceremony - YouTube
o Elon Musk on Entrepreneurship & Innovation at 2016 StartMeUpHK - YouTube
o Why Cheap Gas Might Not Be Good For The U.S. Economy (audio)
o 2016 Chevrolet Volt: 5 Reasons to Buy (video) http://buff.ly/23x9Fil
o Carlos Ghosn expounds on the future of electric cars (w/Video)
o Bill Nye Decides: James Bond Car vs Electric - YouTube
o Powering The Next Electric Cars (JPR audio) http://buff.ly/23tOE8f

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
o Tesla planning to allow app mirroring from Android to center consoles
o Chicago Transit Authority To Add Dozens Of Electric Buses After
Successful Tests http://buff.ly/1KkTAFU
o Word Of Mouth Sells Others On EVs http://buff.ly/1UBxnUB
o E-bikes are reliable and healthy, so why aren't more people riding them?
o VWs reshuffle gives EVs a boost http://buff.ly/1Suxd1X
o US Transportation Secretary says Hyperloop could be the next ‘moonshot'
o Hyperloop a "Very Solid Idea," Says US Transportation Secretary
o Here Come the Electric Powered Delivery Drones http://buff.ly/23C38Tu
o Driving A Tesla Model S From London To Paris Was The Most Stressful &
Satisfying Thing We've Ever Done http://buff.ly/1SuqbdK
o Lease A Chevrolet Volt For Less Per Month Than A Toyota Prius
o Tesla Model 3, Chevy Bolt: Can Electric Cars Go Mainstream?
o Bill Nye: ‘If NASCAR embraced electric cars it could change the world’
o China Risks Electric-Car Shakedown http://buff.ly/1Qz75RM
o The 12 'Greenest' Cars For 2016 http://buff.ly/1NHLAtx
o After Years Of Passive Aggressive Contempt, German Companies Now Trying
To Take Credit For Tesla's Success http://buff.ly/1SPt763
o City manufacturer sets its sights on electric car market
o MIT wins SpaceX’s Hyperloop competition, and Elon Musk made a cameo
o Electric Car Range Requirements, & Range–Price Tradeoff Preferences
o Elon Musk says a Tesla truck is 'quite likely' in the future
o Tesla Model 3: Why It Is Ready For Success http://buff.ly/1Q2Vdov
o Electric cars will be big in 2017 model year http://buff.ly/1NGQdUv
o Tesla Motors Confirms It's Developing Two 'Affordable' Electric Vehicles
o What You Want In An Electric Car http://buff.ly/1QJLsQy
o 2017 Chevrolet Bolt: Cracking The Vehicle Electrification Code
o 10 Tips For EV Charging On Road Trips http://buff.ly/1UuAGg7
o Tesla Added 50 Percent More Supercharger Sites Last Year
o By 2030, Renewables Will Be The World’s Primary Power Source
o The Home Battery You Can Install Yourself Is Coming http://buff.ly/1QIj29M

o Expert says every car sold in 2026 will be a plug-in; others skeptical
o A Self-Driving Electric Bus Is About To Hit Public Roads
o Electric and hybrid cars dominate the greenest car list for the first
time ever http://buff.ly/1nqF3Ol
o Big banks brace for oil loans to implode http://buff.ly/1SdXm7a
o 2017 Kia Soul EV Expected To Get Range Boost http://buff.ly/1lVypib
o Elon Musk says a Tesla truck is 'quite likely' in the future
o Bill Nye The Science Guy Wants NASCAR To Go Electric
o Buffett vs Musk (this is just not right) http://buff.ly/1Sf2Q1i
o What EV Buyers Love About Electric Cars http://buff.ly/1ScdDJE

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