[Oeva-list] HB 4036 'Oregon Clean Electricity and Coal' plan

Zach Henkin zach at driveoregon.org
Fri Feb 19 12:47:34 PST 2016

Dear OEVA members:

Right now there is important legislation (HB 4036) moving fast in Salem,
and we encourage you to send a quick email of support before Monday morning!

Part of this ‘Oregon Clean Electricity and Coal’ plan will encourage PGE
and PacifiCorp to play a bigger role in supporting EV charging.  Drive
Oregon strongly supports this bill, which has already passed the House. You
can read more about the bill and our support here:
 Our full testimony to the Oregon House is available here:

We realize that some of you may have heard that one charging company,
ChargePoint, has some concerns about the bill and is encouraging an
amendment. However, we are confident that both the legislation and the PUC
review process will ensure that utility programs maintain consumer choice
and a competitive EVSE marketplace. Endorsers of the House bill include
small Oregon companies like OpConnect, EV4Oregon, and Shorepower as well as
larger national EVSE companies like Schneider Electric, Greenlots, EV
Connect, and SemaConnect. Furthermore, any amendments at this point could
doom the bill, as there is no time for delay in this short legislative

We encourage you to send a quick email to Senator Lee Beyer, Chair of the
Senate Business and Transportation Committee, and urge him to pass HB4036A
without amendment.


Sen.LeeBeyer at state.or.us

To: Senator Lee Beyer
Chair, Senate Business and Transportation Committee

Senator Beyer,

As an Oregonian who supports clean electric vehicles, I urge you to pass
HB4036 out of your committee without amending the sections related to
electric vehicle charging.

Electric vehicles are good for the environment, and support the state’s
economy by keeping more money here that would otherwise be spent on
imported gasoline. However, too many Oregonians are unaware of the many
great electric cars that are available.

Our electric utilities have a long tradition of educating customers and of
promoting energy efficiency, and this legislation will allow them to play
that role in electrifying transportation as well. It will also allow
utilities to help provide charging to customers, subject to oversight by
the Public Utility Commission.

I understand that one California charging company has been pushing for
amendments, but I trust the oversight provided by the Public Utility
Commission will protect a competitive marketplace while providing
flexibility to let utilities adapt to new technology. Most charging
companies, including several based right here in Oregon, have supported the
bill as written. So has Drive Oregon, the state’s electric vehicle industry

I know this is a very short Legislative session, and I would hate to see HB
4036 die in a conference committee. I encourage you to pass HB 4036 to the
Senate floor without amendments.

Thank you,

Zach Henkin
Program Director
Drive Oregon

P: 503.724.8670    zach at driveoregon.org
C: 503.803.3036    www.driveoregon.org


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