[Oeva-list] FW: please do not delay HB4036 due to concerns of one company

Gary Graunke gary at whitecape.org
Sat Feb 20 11:14:32 PST 2016

FYI. I have sent the following letter to Senator Beyer regarding HB4036.




From: Gary Graunke [mailto:gary at whitecape.org] 
Sent: Saturday, February 20, 2016 11:11 AM
To: 'Sen.LeeBeyer at state.or.us'
Subject: please do not delay HB4036 due to concerns of one company


To: Senator Lee Beyer

Chair, Senate Business and Transportation Committee


Senator Beyer,


I understand that one electric vehicle charging vendor has concerns regard
HB4036 and is proposing that we delay and amend HB4036-I received an email
from Chargepoint asking me to contact you in this regard. However, as one
who has been heavily involved with promoting electric vehicles and charging
infrastructure with private companies (including Chargepoint), utilities,
and ODOT OIPP, I believe their concerns are not shared by the rest of other
charging companies, who support this bill.  I urge you to pass HB4036 out of
your committee without amending the sections related to electric vehicle


Electric vehicles are good for the environment, and support the state's
economy by keeping more money here that would otherwise be spent on imported
gasoline. However, too many Oregonians are unaware of the many great
electric cars that are available. Especially with a cleaner, coal-free grid,
electric transportation is a potent tool for dealing with climate change.
Nearly every national group that deals with climate change and national
energy security supports electrification of transportation. But further
delay only compounds the costs to everyone.


Our electric utilities have a long tradition of educating customers and of
promoting energy efficiency, and this legislation will allow them to play
that role in electrifying transportation as well. It will also allow
utilities to help provide charging to customers, subject to oversight by the
Public Utility Commission. The utilities that I have spoken to in the
northwest are often supportive of providing electric car charging. The
long-term investments such as charging infrastructure are similar to
building power plants and distribution infrastructure. But many are hampered
by regulatory hurdles which are removed by HB4036, while still providing for
independent vehicle charging firms. 


I trust the oversight provided by the Public Utility Commission will protect
a competitive marketplace while providing flexibility to let utilities adapt
to new technology. Most charging companies, including several based right
here in Oregon, have supported the bill as written. So has Drive Oregon, the
state's electric vehicle industry association. The Oregon Electric Vehicle
Association, which consists mainly of electric vehicle drivers, also
supports this bill and similar bills in the past.


I know this is a very short Legislative session, and appreciate the
difficulty of giving due consideration to new bills. At the same time, it
seems that the bill addresses an urgent situation that only gets worse the
longer we delay, and has done a good job of providing for the concerns of
many parties involved in clean electricity and electric vehicle charging. I
encourage you to pass HB 4036 to the Senate floor without amendments.


Thank you,


Gary Graunke

Chairman, Oregon Electric Vehicle Association

362 NE Hillwood Drive

Hillsboro, OR 97124


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