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Tax Time is Coming: Charging Station & Electric Motorcycle tax credits
are back and retroactive for 2015! http://buff.ly/1nEMNxb

*Headlines ==================================================*
o Pro-EV Legislation Moves Forward in Oregon http://buff.ly/1KFGGmj

*Events ====================================================*
o Electric Mobility and Equity, Feb 24 http://buff.ly/1W6gkel
o Industrial EV Market, March 17 http://buff.ly/1SNVOzm
o Driving EV Adoption meeting: Program Updates, April 7
o EV Roadmap Conference, July 20-21 http://buff.ly/1QzdcZS

*Northwest EV News ==========================================*
o West Coast Electric Highway Gets $9 Million Boost From California
o Electric ride & drive day at the Oregon capitol! http://buff.ly/1PWsDaW
o Portland Bans New Oil, Coal, and Gas Projects http://buff.ly/1QtC5Qn
o Here's An Easy Way To See How Clean Your Electric Car Really Is
o 6 Fuel Efficient Cars You Can Only Buy on the West Coast
o Would You Give Up Some Privacy to Pay Less at the Pump?
o Top 10 Friendliest Cities for Electric Vehicles http://buff.ly/1SCAqOQ
o Report: Fracked Fuel and Petrochemical Proposals in the Northwest
o Oregon House Passes Bill To Phase Out Coal And Double Renewable Energy
o Oregon's transition to clean energy: Cutting coal, building a renewable
future http://buff.ly/20HkytE
o Why Oregon Needs the Healthy Climate Act http://buff.ly/1oocQJc
o Power company proposes hundreds of electric car charging stations across
Eastern Washington http://buff.ly/1QGoSnx
o Oregon Has More Electric-Car Fast Charging Sites Per Person Than Germany

*Photos & Videos ============================================*
o Oregon politician Jeff Cogen now drives a shiny blue Chevy Volt
o Hydrogen cars vs. Electric cars - YouTube http://buff.ly/20HrZ4b
o Inside Tesla's Fremont electric-car plant: How Model S, Model X are built
[Video] http://buff.ly/1RS0a8P
o All-electric, zero-emission buses on the road in Bellevue (video)
o Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine At The 2016 Washington Auto Show - Video
o Test driving Tesla's Model X electric SUV (video) http://buff.ly/1Tq3o4v
o Are You Ready to Power Your Car With the Sun? http://buff.ly/1oI35pf
o Pipeline Break Spills Oil Into Amazon Waterways http://buff.ly/20GG4yH

*Other EV News of Note =======================================*
o Tesla is asking EV vommunity to block a "GM-backed" bill to ban direct
sales in Indiana http://buff.ly/20Ud3zF
o Despite low gasoline prices, automakers are moving ahead with affordable
electric cars http://buff.ly/1Qv3ykK
o Elon Musk Fights Back Against the Koch Brothers' Lobbying
o California transit authority goes all electric with 85 BYD buses
o Eva Håkansson: success engineered by passion http://buff.ly/1Rjys2F
o Tesla Model S will get wireless charging option in April
o GM's Electric Car Ambitions Are Reshaping the Company
o US asks VW to produce electric cars http://buff.ly/1RVvV0L
o Samsung Ushers in a New Era of Driving Experience with Samsung Connect
Auto http://buff.ly/1TtRsNN
o Daimler is Making All Of Its Top Managers Drive Electric Cars
o Hyperloop competition is being pushed back to August
o DOE solicits proposals to bring advanced energy technologies to market
o Hyundai IONIQ Electric Has A 28 kWh Battery, 105 Miles Real Range
o Tesla Launches Third Tesla Referral Program With Even Bigger Prizes,
Fairer Rules http://buff.ly/20MgdFJ
o Tesla’s bold approach to advertising: Don’t do it http://buff.ly/1Qs2R1O
o When will Tesla cross the 200,000 vehicles sold in the U.S. mark? How
will it impact sales? http://buff.ly/1oB3eLd
o Beyond the Hype: What's the Future of Batteries? http://buff.ly/20Jblkx
o Kochs Plotting Multi-Million-Dollar Assault On Electric Vehicles
o Aston Martin is partnering with Faraday Future on electric cars
o CAFE is too slow, let's go for faster gains http://buff.ly/1orceC0
o White’s Ferry Loop – Electric Vehicle Tour http://buff.ly/20GGIfq
o Novel synthesis method opens up new possibilities for utilizing Li-ion
batteries http://buff.ly/1Qn6Xbh
o Electric Vehicles Will Triumph Because They're Better, GM Veteran Says
o TurboDock - The Bluetooth-Enabled Answer for Affordable & Elegant
Workplace Charging http://buff.ly/1WrU7aa
o go-karts get ready for the electric disruption http://buff.ly/20EbNQU
o Tesla Model 3 Order Process - Why In-Store First Makes Perfect Sense
o US Falls Behind Europe and China in Global Plug-in Vehicle Market
o This 1928 Model 10 Walker Electric Truck needs a home
o Illegal VW Diesel Emissions: Tallying Public Health Damage
o 200-Plus Mile Range Electric Cars We’re Looking Forward To
o 5 Reasons Battery Upgrades For Electric Cars Aren't Offered
o Will the Tesla Model 3 Be a Game Changer? http://buff.ly/1SREniW
o Fact #3: Producing gasoline adds about 35% to the tailpipe emissions
o Fact #1: Cars are getting cleaner, but oil is getting dirtier
o 2016 Plug In Sales Predictions for US http://buff.ly/1oHqRl7

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