[Oeva-list] Tesla Model S Craigslist Scam

Patrick patrick at oeva.org
Thu Feb 25 23:16:18 PST 2016

There is currently a scam on craigslist Portland for a black 2013 Tesla
Model S with low miles selling for less than $36k. It sounds too good to be
true, and it is. Below is the email that you get if you respond to the

Here is a link that describes the scam:

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From: Linda Amico <lindaamico8 at gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 4:03 PM
Subject: Re: Tesla Model S


Sorry for the delayed response, it's quite demanding for me to reply from a
hospital bed. Anyways, i hope you can take a few moments to read my e-mail
if you are interested to buy the car, cause it took a lot of effort to
write it.
In case you don't remember which car I'm selling, I have uploaded the
pictures here : http://imgur.com/a/BD0rw

So Yes,in this moment the black 2013 Tesla Model S 85 is still available
for sale. It is in perfect condition, no electric problems, no
accidents/liens/loans, it runs just as it looks - GREAT. No scratches,
never been repainted. I have all the manuals, title, documents. Has only 7k

The price has been dropped to $35,000 to spare me from useless negotiations
and sell it quicker. This is the amount I need for my surgery, so I won't
be able to go any lower. Also, time is an issue for me, for this reason I
am humbly asking, if you do not have the money already available to buy it,
or if you do not have real interest to buy such a car, let's end this here.
I will not wait for a credit approval or a loan. I only want one serious
buyer. I hope you can understand me.

Due to my condition, I have pre-arranged the sale of my car through eBay's
Buyer Protection Program. If you've never used eBay's Buyer Protection
Program, then you must know from the start that the transaction is 100%
covered and insured by eBay. It is already prepared for delivery via DAS
( Dependable Auto Shippers), and can be sent basically anywhere in the
US(at no additional cost for the buyer). I can even consider selling it
outside of US (as long as the buyer will pay for additional shipping fees
and duties).
You will receive the Tesla with ALL the necessary documents (clear title,
bill of sale, user’s manual, insurance etc).

If you are really interested in making the purchase and you have sufficient
funds available, then please reply and send me your details ( Full name and
delivery address of the buyer, as it will appear on the selling documents,
also, please send your contact phone#, as an Agent from eBay will call you
to confirm the transaction with them.

As soon as I have your details, i will register you as my buyer with eBay
and they will contact you with all the instructions step by step on how to
view and purchase my car.
Hope to hear soon from you.

Thanks a lot!
PS: Please accept my apologies, but any other offer will be rejected, as I
cannot sell the car in any other way due to my current
medical condition and because time is an issue. Everything is already
pre-arranged and straight forward. If you start the transaction now you can
have the car and enjoy it in a few days time.
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