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Mark Powell terrapin99 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 10:29:04 PDT 2017

I've had a new experience as more EVs are on the roadway. I was coming back from the Coast and stopped at Spirit Mountain since it's the only quick charging station for several miles. Four EVs were parked in the three spots designated for charging and none of them charging and three were plugged in. I went to the gas station and explained my plight. They sent me to the casino where the EV owners were likely at. They sent me back to the gas station and refused to interrupt their gamblers with an announcement. The gas station told me it was an ODOT issue. The manager did come get the license plate numbers and confirmed one was an employee of the casino who had been parked there all day. She called the casino and they confirmed they wouldn't do anything about it. I sat for another 20 minutes and contemplated trying to make it to Salem with my 8 year old in the car. I ended up going for it and made it to Salem with 7% left on the battery but was "that guy" traveling really slow over the steep hills. What do you do in this situation? I contemplated having them towed but suspected I would have to get the police involved to authorize the tow. There are signs saying the spots are reserved for charging but no signs from towing companies. What would you do?

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