[Oeva-list] FW: Earth Day April 22 at Columbia Gorge Discovery Center

Gary Graunke gary at whitecape.org
Sat Apr 15 10:14:16 PDT 2017

I plan to be there at 8 AM to set up (leaving shortly after 6 AM). The event itself is 9-3. 


The Discovery Center exit is the westernmost exit for the Dalles.


Gary G


PS, I had to delete the flyer and map due to email size constraints. 


From: Susan Buce [mailto:susan at gorgediscovery.org] 
Sent: Friday, April 14, 2017 12:40 PM
Subject: Earth Day April 22 at Columbia Gorge Discovery Center


Thank you for agreeing to participate in Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, 2017, at Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Museum, 5000 Discovery Drive, The Dalles.


In an effort to make this event easily available and outside events free to the public, we are setting up information tables outside in front of the museum on the lawn area. We are crossing our fingers for clear skies and warmer weather, but in the event the wind is still a bit nippy, be sure to bring a jacket. 


Museum admission will still apply to visitors who wish to see the exhibits, however there is no admission to access the museum store and café. The Basalt Rock Café will be open that day and serving soup & sandwiches from 11 am to 2 pm. Restrooms are available inside the museum and bottled water is available for sale by the front desk.


We are extremely grateful to be welcoming:

·       OSU’s Master Naturalist and Master Gardener programs

·       Oregon Zoo’s Leland Brown, the Non-Lead Hunting Education Director

·       Tri-County Hazardous Waste & Recycling

·       Friends of the Columbia Gorge

·       Rowena Wildlife Clinic

·       Oregon Electric Vehicle Association

·       Columbia Riverkeepers could not be here, but they gave me literature to put out for them.


We plan a “trade-show” type of format, with people coming to talk to you one on one, to ask questions and gather informational information you may have brought.


Please let me know if you need a table & chairs set up or if you are bringing your own. If you need extra space or accommodations, get hold of me ASAP.




Leland Brown from the Oregon Zoo will be giving a program about the problems of lead in the environment inside the museum’s Murdock Theater, between 12 and 2 pm. (I’m thinking about 1 pm so you can have lunch?) He will be talking about non-lead hunting education, and making his presentation between the raptor programs at 11 am and again at 2 pm.


Lead toxicity is a growing problem in our environment. A few days ago, KGW reported a bald eagle was found incapacitated, with no injury showing. It was taken to Rowena Wildlife Clinic, and the suspicions are that it may be suffering from toxic poisoning from lead. http://www.kgw.com/news/local/animal/injured-bald-eagle-rescued-taken-to-wildlife-clinic/430841155





One of the visions when our museum first opened, almost 20 years ago, was to establish a “heritage pioneer garden” on the grounds. This year volunteer Dave Neitling has graciously accepted the “hoe of service” and will be getting our garden going. This is an area that we could use volunteers with throughout the season. We are lucky to be welcoming representatives of the OSU Master Gardener and Master Naturalist programs.



Our resident Native Plant expert, Barbara Robinson, will be conducting guided Native Plant Walks at 11 am and again at 2 pm.




For those bringing a work crew, please have someone on site early so we can review the areas that need work.

I’ve attached a map of areas where we can utilize a clean up crew. 


We have some brush piles and pine needles that need to be cleared before we transition into the dry wildfire season. There is an area that needs some heavier log rounds moved. Our resident native plant expert, Barbara Robinson, would like to supervise that action because the logs are located in a sensitive area with native plants that must be protected. 


Please walk softly on the grounds and as you step, know that each native plant has been carefully nurtured and protected, so it may propagate and bring beauty to our environment. Try as best as possible to avoid crushing plants.


Be aware this event is taking place the same time as The Dalles’ annual Cherry Festival. There will be a parade downtown The Dalles from about 11 am to 12 pm, and a carnival and activities in the downtown core. That may reduce our numbers, but I think there will be a fair number of residents who are interested in learning more about how they can be good stewards of the environment.



In addition, the museum attempts to do periodic clean-up along Highway 30/West Sixth Street from the Discovery Center drive all the way to Webber Street. With the blowing winds, trash is a common sight along the road, and with tour groups beginning to visit The Dalles, we want to be proud of how our city and streets look. Volunteers for this road clean up would be greatly appreciated.



Our museum sits on a 54-acre campus, and while the careful curation of the grounds is primarily on the 5 acres surrounding the museum, there are plenty of areas that can use volunteer support for litter pickup, brush control, and invasive weed control.



Our building and grounds staff, Charlie and Michael Powell, and grounds maintenance volunteer Barbara Robinson, would be happy to have some dedicated volunteers who love to be in the outdoors and help us keep our grounds beautiful. If you know someone who would like to volunteer, please have them contact our volunteer coordinator, Mary Stocks, at volunteers at gorgediscovery.org


Susan Buce

Marketing Manager

susan at gorgediscovery.org <mailto:marketing at gorgediscovery.org> 

541-296-8600 x 215

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center & Museum

5000 Discovery Drive

The Dalles, Oregon 97058



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