[Oeva-list] Homebuilders: Loan of battery cable crimping tool

Datta, Sham M sham.m.datta at intel.com
Tue Apr 18 10:39:21 PDT 2017

I have hydraulic hand operated crimping tool that I have used on 2/0 cables and it have several die sizes. You can loan it from me. If you need it, let my son Ashwin (who is a senior in Glencoe) and he can bring it over to you.

Thanks as usual,

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Subject: [Oeva-list] Homebuilders: Loan of battery cable crimping tool

May I please borrow a battery cable crimping tool for the Glencoe High School Porsche conversion project in Hillsboro, Oregon?
To connect 2/0 gauge stranded copper wire (0.42" diameter) to Nissan Leaf battery modules (6 mm stud).

Please advise: Which of these is a suitable connector lug?

Zoro #      stud size
G0422116<https://www.zoro.com/tyrap-one-hole-lug-compress-connector-20-awg-60134/i/G0422116/>    1/4"    $5.75 /ea    Aluminum

G5206503<https://www.zoro.com/value-brand-one-hole-lug-compress-connector-20-awg-24d003/i/G5206503/>    5/16"    $3.76 /ea    Copper
G4699886<https://www.zoro.com/burndy-one-hole-lug-compress-connector-20-awg-ya26lnt516/i/G4699886/>    5/16"    $12.96 /ea    copper

G5256632<https://www.zoro.com/fusion-lug-compressn-connector-one-hole-20-awg-4820f/i/G5256632/>    3/8"    $2.49 /ea    ?
G7522051<https://www.zoro.com/quick-cable-wire-cnctr-size-20-starter-ground-lug-6420-525-001f/i/G7522051/>    3/8"    $3.95 /ea    Tin Plated Copper
G7470732<https://www.zoro.com/quick-cable-one-hole-lug-compress-connector-20-awg-4920-525-001f/i/G7470732/>    3/8"    $5.18 /ea    Copper
G5253613<https://www.zoro.com/fusion-lug-starterground-20-crimp-copper-6420fv/i/G5253613/>    3/8"    $4.53 /ea    Copper
G4695381<https://www.zoro.com/burndy-one-hole-lug-compress-connector-20-awg-ya26lbox/i/G4695381/>    3/8"    $7.20 /ea    Electro Tin/Copper
G4703937<https://www.zoro.com/value-brand-one-hole-lug-compress-connector-20-awg-24c326/i/G4703937/>    3/8"    $4.85 /ea    Copper
G4655813<https://www.zoro.com/value-brand-one-hole-lug-compress-connector-20-awg-24c364/i/G4655813/>    3/8"    $4.47 /ea    Copper
G5356391<https://www.zoro.com/westward-lug-20-38in-crimpsolder-pk5-23yz45/i/G5356391/>    3/8"    $18.66 /pk 5    Tin Plated /?
G0794087<https://www.zoro.com/thomas-betts-one-hole-lug-compress-connector-20-awg-60136/i/G0794087/>    3/8"    $7.13 /ea    aluminum
G1844860<https://www.zoro.com/value-brand-one-hole-lug-compress-connector-20-awg-29yk91/i/G1844860/>    3/8"    $4.26 /ea    Aluminum

1/2" stud (too big):


  - Bill

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