[Oeva-list] Ryobi Electric Riding Mower

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Tue Apr 25 19:37:33 PDT 2017

On 4/25/17 8:58 AM, Datta, Sham M wrote:
> That is a very broad question about SLA and Lithium. Also, Mower has 
> such a weird usage pattern (sits for several months idle). Having two 
> converted vehicles one with Lithium and one with SLA, I can say that:
> ·If SLA is GEL battery, it will probably give you 500 or so cycles. If 
> it is AGM type less than 400 cycles at the most.

Given a mower is probably used once or twice a week for maybe 6 months, 
that's about 10 years of life, so it's probably a good tradeoff.

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