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Gary Graunke gary at whitecape.org
Thu Aug 24 14:03:50 PDT 2017

We would like to support the NDEW event in Vancouver, WA. Please consider helping out if you are able.

Gary G

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Hi Gary.  Did you enjoy the eclipse?  It was mind-blowing!

When you get around to posting to the OEVA website about my little Vancouver event, please mention that it is an Esther Short Park, very easy access just across the Columbia River.  I don’t want people thinking they have to drive very far :) 


> On Aug 16, 2017, at 8:23 AM, Gary Graunke <gary at whitecape.org> wrote:
> I myself am doing an NDEW event in Lincoln City on Sep 9, but I'm sure 
> others will be happy to help you out.
> I think I'll wait until we get back from the eclipse outings (I'm 
> doing one, too), and compose a message to post to our email list.
> We are always glad to help out--thanks for taking this on!
> Gary
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> Subject: Contact Request from OEVA website
> Tracy Ceravolo (cyclwomn at yahoo.com) has sent you (office: president) 
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> Hi Gary.  I just got off the phone with Esther at Forth.  I am 
> throwing an EV event in Vancouver WA on September 9 at Esther Short 
> Park in conjunction with our farmers market and the 14th annual Peace 
> and Justice Fair.  It should be really well attended!  But since I was 
> thrown into this so late and am a newbie, I need help getting some EVs 
> and owners there!  I have lots of older-model Leafs coming, including mine, and one Tesla from 9-noon.
> I have different time slots available.: two 9-noon time slots, three 
> noon -
> 2:30 slots, and many spaces 11-1 or 1-3 (of course, someone is welcome 
> to stay from 11-3 if desired!).  I'm probably giving you too much detail!
> I leave town Wednesday morning and will be mostly out of cell phone 
> and internet range until Tuesday probably (depending on eclipse traffic).
> Do you think that any of your members would like to show off their 
> cars and convert some people?  :^)
> Thanks,
> Tracy
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