[Oeva-list] Forth Leaf Failure

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield Nikki at littlecollie.com
Mon Aug 28 17:09:36 PDT 2017

I believe it may have something to do with a 12-volt relay sticking in the
closed state. It’s also a weak 12 volt battery. I had similar symptoms with
the Transport Evolved LEAF, and I fixed it by switching out the battery for
a 12-Volt Yellow Top.

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Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
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On Mon, Aug 28, 2017 at 12:47 PM, Karl Boekelheide <Karl at boekelheide.com>

> I had the my Leaf’s 6 year old 12v battery die with the same symptoms.
> In my case it was my fault.  I left my ODBII bluetooth attached and went
> on a 3 week vacation.
> Unless you had a drain similar to mine for a long time I would be very
> surprised that the battery died.  My experience with my Prius and Leaf is
> the 12v batteries last at least 6-7 years.  The Leaf does continue to
> chatter over the cell phone when it’s sitting but I think Nissan has some
> logic to shut that down after a week or so just so it won’t kill the 12v
> battery.
> On Aug 28, 2017, at 11:50 AM, Morris Green <morrisgreen at comcast.net>
> wrote:
> > I was at Forth on Sunday and their 2014 Leaf failed to power up.  As in
> no door opening / unlock, and no dash lights after using the mechanical key
> to get in and pressing the On button.  My best guess was that the 12v lead
> acid battery had died and that would be the first thing I would check for
> replacement.  Lead acid batteries have a limited lifetime and 3 to 5 years
> is the usual lifetime in my experience (except for the Panasonic brand,
> which worked for 5 to 7 years for me).
> >
> > Has anyone else experienced this?  And what was the cause?
> >
> > Thanks,
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