[Oeva-list] Local production company is looking for an EV for a PGE video shoot for 7/11/17

phil hochstetler phil.hochstetler at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 16:43:59 PDT 2017

Hi Portland area folks,

I got an email from a Cassie from a local production company that is doing
a one day video shoot for PGE next Tuesday (7/11/17).

They are looking to borrow (with owner compensation) a vehicle that meets
these requirements:

-We are looking for newer models (2015-2017).
-Ideally it would have a wider hood, like a Chevy Volt (one of the images
we want to capture is the reflection in the hood).  We are not tied to a
specific make/model.
-No Nissan Leaf (hood is too small)
-No Teslas
-No bright green (ideal colors are dark gray, dark blue, dark red)

-Car is needed for a full day on Tuesday July 11th, 2017 (having access to
the car starting Monday evening would be ideal).

-Owners will be compensated.  Amount is TBD between the owner and my

They have insurance to cover any unforeseen problems as well.

If you think you can help her out, send her an email at (cskauge99 at gmail.com)
or call her at 503-229-4861.

Phil H.
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