[Oeva-list] OMG I got a Tesla Referral Code

Morris Green morrisgreen at comcast.net
Fri Aug 3 19:47:10 PDT 2018

Well, look at this!  I bought a Model 3 and now I get a Tesla referral code to give out to all you high rollers who want to buy a Model S, X or 3 Performance!  So if anyone wants to get unlimited supercharging for their high roller purchase, feel free to use my referral code:  https://ts.la/morris33258 <http://click.emails.tesla.com/?qs=ef4150da366385d4e17d41cc16069bb943447db046499f6966fb634fb383774d13ddf6d4783dd7d50915d3038673f7ba4887b0835cb70977a81ba7afc1f0f7e0>

And it also works for those who wish to buy a solar roof and get an added 5 year warranty.

I’m sure no one will actually use my referral code as I don’t normally run in those circles, but feel free to pass it on to those who do and want the free unlimited supercharging or added 5 year warranty on a solar roof.

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