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You can, but that would only take care of charging part of taking care of Lithium cells.. if Dima wants to also control discharge part (going below 2.6v or whatever the spec says) and force controller to limp mode (or warning light whatever) – then you need a legit BMS.

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Couldn't you use a Hobby charger? I have a Venom Pro Duo, that can balance 6s on each channel. You really only need one channel, and balancing for 4s, but there's chargers out there.

I set it for 40,000Ah for my Saft cells and it balance charges them.

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Hello dear DIYers!

This topic been around for years, so hoping some one has hands on experience and can advise.

I have 4 cells from Nissan Leaf that i'd like to reuse for my project of battery-assisted kayak.  Need reliable BMS that keeps battery happy, and away from red  zone voltage.

From experience with cheapo BMS (used on for Roomba upgrade) - formal presense of balancing is not in reality doing the balancing work - board instead charges cells to 4.4 volts and then discharges top cells to 4.2
But since current is not  reduced by board at the top of the charge - once power removed - all cells drop below 4.2, and i'm seeing 0.2-0.4v disbalance.  As well as seeing battery above 4.2 for some periods of time.

For Leaf cells - i'd like to configure BMS to keep voltage below 4.1 at all times, while balancing cells.

If this project rings a bell for any one - please give me a helping hand with BMS selection.

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