[Oeva-list] They go up and down hill

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Range anxiety?  What’s that???


> On Jul 3, 2018, at 8:12 PM, Karl Boekelheide <Karl at boekelheide.com> wrote:
> We took “Threezy” up to Timberline.  It was far less exciting than with the Leaf 7 years ago.  The whole trip was 156 miles.  We started with 95% or 295 miles and ended up with 50% or 155 miles left.  The predictor in the Tesla is very good unlike the Leaf’s guess-o-meter.
> I did an interesting experiment and measured the power out going up and the power in going down.  There wasn’t much traffic so I was able to maintain a similar speed of 35-40 both up and down from a specific spot at the bottom of Timberline road.  I got back just about 50% of what was expended going up.  I think that’s pretty good considering the wind resistance at 35 mph.  The car gives you integer kWh but you can get a more precise number by multiplying the wh/mile by miles.
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