[Oeva-list] charger at COSCO & new Blink stations

Chaz Smith chazeesmith2u at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 14:32:25 PDT 2018

Thanks for passing on that information. I wonder if the blink stations were
repurposed. I haven't heard of any new stations being installed for the
past several years.

Any pictures of the chargers and their location to post?

FWIW, a lot of their stations are/were lower powered level that were
designed/tuned to charge at a 3 or 4 kilowatt-hour pace.  To my knowledge
all the newer chargers just about all 2016 and newer cars are capable of a
pace of around 7 kilowatt hours.

On Jul 15, 2018 2:12 PM, <hhaynes at hayloes.com> wrote:

The City of Independence, OR has installed four Blink charging stations.
Two next to the city Hall and two behind the main street buildings in a new
parking lot.   They haven't been  activated yet but will be soon.   Level 2
stations by blink.

Costco is advertising the JuiceBox Station with 120 or 220 service for  $
549. up to 40amp charging




Blue 2011 Think  with 42000 miles.

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