[Oeva-list] And the rest advance a notch

Eric Cha themastercha at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 08:12:01 PST 2018

On 2/28/2018 10:32 PM, Chaz Smith wrote:
> On another note re the Kona, it seems that people are assuming because 
> it has an SUV shape that it will have AWD capability.  I missed it if 
> Hyundai said anything official to confirm this.

I am *hoping* that the Kona EV has an AWD option, but I haven't seen 
anything official either.

> In a not so past life I was a big Subaru fan and I am hoping that they 
> will join the full EV or at least a decent range plug in hybrid in the 
> very near future.  It seems like such a vehicle would fit their brand 
> ethos.

I'm a big Subie fan too, but their lagging behind on EV's is a major 
bummer.  They had a crosstrek hybrid that was pathetic, so I resorted to 
getting the highest MPG model I could find (the Impreza).  I don't 
really hold it against them though because they are a pretty small 
manufacturer, so their R&D budget is a lot tighter than the big guys'... 
Still,  there are supposed plans for them to make the leap in 2-5 years...


But will it be too late?


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