[Oeva-list] FW: PGE time-of-use rates

Myles Twete matwete at comcast.net
Fri Mar 30 17:43:32 PDT 2018

Thanks for the head-up, Gary (and Peter :) ).

That explains why I saw a big jump in the bill after the start of the year.

There was this notice in the February bill:

Unless I’m mistaken, here’s what they did:


Basic Rates (c/kwh):

              Before  After     Change 

OFF       4.40       4.21       5% decrease

MID       7.57       7.23       5% decrease

ON         13.20    12.62    5% decrease


Transmission (c/kwh)

              Before  After     Change

OFF       0.237    FREE      100% decrease

MID       0.237    0.34       45% increase

ON         0.237    0.34       45% increase


Distribution (c/kwh)

              Before  After     Change

OFF       4.035    FREE      100% decrease

MID       4.035    7.015    75% increase

ON         4.035    7.015    75% increase


Overall (unless I’ve screwed up something:

OFF       8.672 --> 4.035 c/kwh

MID       11.842 --> 14.585

ON         17.472 --> 19.975


And so if you can significantly shift your usage to OFF peak, it looks attractive.

If not, thee rates look punishing.




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FYI. A heads up from Peter for all us TOU users.


Gary G


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Hi Gary/Gary :),

I still have not gotten back onto the OEVA mailing list, but I think this is worth distributing (unless I'm the last to find out):

In January, PGE jacked up the mid-peak and on-peak rates dramatically for their time-of-use customers, and I'm not aware of any notification.  Pricing according to their website is below, and I just confirmed that this is accurate by phone.

On top of slipping a 60%+ increase into two of the rates without notification, they'll also be unable to implement the unsubscribe for 2-3 months since it requires swapping out a meter (I thought they were "smart" meters :)).

Even with more than 60% of my consumption at night, time-of-use has become way more expensive than basic service, so I'm switching back.  I suspect that most time-of-use users aren't charging two cars at night, so it's likely even worse for them.

We should probably also bring it up at the next meeting.

Have a great weekend,





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