[Oeva-list] License Plates for New Tesla

Morris Green morrisgreen at comcast.net
Wed May 2 10:07:36 PDT 2018

Anyone order Crater Lake plates for their new Tesla?  Can this be done at the point of sale or did you have to go to the DMV afterwards?  I’m being told by Tesla that it isn’t possible to get Crater Lake plates ordered at the point of sale.  Here’s the body of the email from some guy in Nevada:

Good morning Mr. Green,
All of our new vehicles read 50 miles on their odometer as these miles are purposely driven for quality testing.
As for the Crater Lake license plate, unfortunately we cannot request a specific style of plate besides whatever the state considers its standard issue plate.  Please let me know if you have further questions, thank you.
Yours in service,

Since the 50 mile advice is bad, I’m hoping the license plate advice is wrong as well.  Did anyone buy Crater Lake plates with their new Tesla?  Can you please share how it came about?

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