[Oeva-list] 2011 Leaf pack advice

Don Blazer theoldcars at aol.com
Fri Oct 5 15:24:55 PDT 2018

Ran into someone having issues with their Nissan Leaf pack
There is 60K on the car and was bought used
Have eight bars fully charged now , and the miles showing seem to be going down fairly quick
They were showing up to 50 miles on 8 bars this summer, now its like 30
So they are wondering how this could happen so quickly
West Hills Collision had two but we did not keep them past the three year lease
and did not go over 20k, they both had all 12 bars and full range. So I have no experience 
with Leaf pack end of life use. 
I know there are many on this list who had Leaf pack issues 
Packs are usually rated for 80% capacity as end of life use 
If the bars are equal % SOC that would be 9.6 bars 
Even if you use 70% capacity as end of life that would be 8.4 bars.
8 bars performance as far as range I would expect to vary greatly depending 
on past charging, SOC use, driving conditions and ambient temperatures. 
I inquired where they park the car overnight and it is outside. It's been my experience that
when overnight temps are at 50 or less, range takes quite a hit.
There was pack replacements for $5500, but I heard that this is now $8500? 
any advise or information for them would be greatly appreciated 
Don Blazer
West Hills Collision Center
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