[Oeva-list] VW egolf opinions

Christopher Holmquist holmquistchristopher30 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 20:39:09 PST 2019

Hey everyone.  So I'm on my way to getting into another electric car.  No,
I don't have enough money for a Tesla so don't even mention it.  My car is
finally starting to show it's age at 176,000 miles and the battery is still
as amazing as ever.  Price is definitely going to be a big thing for me of
course.  I'm looking to cut back on my Uber driving by finding another job
so I'm not too bent on range.  Yes I'm interested in a Bolt but I'm
wondering about payments.  Of course it'll all depend on my income when I
get the 2nd job.  I've been eyeing an egolf just because I love VW's in
general.  Yes, I know dieselgate etc....  I'm wondering what you've heard
about battery reliability, etc...  I'm also a sucker for infotainment
systems.  Do all trim levels have Android auto/apple car play?  Perhaps Ray
Blackburn is in this group and can advise on this?
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