[Oeva-list] looking for a moderate range EV to rent or buy for a shortish term

Paul Wallace ianaudio at peak.org
Fri Nov 22 13:52:49 PST 2019

I've got most of the parts gathered to update my S10 batteries to Tesla modules. The problem is that the truck is my daily driver so I need something to drive for 6ish months while the truck is down for the update. Last time I worked on the truck for a few months, I was able to find a Spark ev on swap lease, but that is not happening this time. I had a line on a Think City, but lost it while I was on business travel overseas. 

I need something with reliable 60 mile range combined city and highway in all weather conditions. I'm living in the Philomath area and my drives are mostly flat and about 55 mile round trip worst case. I have 2 high power level 2 EVSE at home. The Spark had a CCS combo charge port which was a bonus as it enabled travel to Portland with only a brief charging stop in Salem. 

Anyone have a spare running EV which they might want to share for a few months? 

Paul Wallace 
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