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Ron Jackson Ron at fascinatingelectronics.com
Mon Jun 22 17:42:34 PDT 2020


At this time it looks like there are three versions of the Model Y: Long
Range (316 miles EPA), Performance (315 miles EPA), and Performance with
Performance Upgrade (280 miles EPA). Without the Performance Upgrade
package the difference in EPA range is only 1 mile between the Long Range
and Performance versions. The large range hit is only when you add the
Performance Upgrade package. The acceleration is the same, 3.5 seconds 0 to
60, for all Performance cars with or without the Performance Upgrade. Long
Range is 4.8 seconds.

The Performance Upgrade package increases the top speed by 10 MPH, replaces
the standard wheels with 21" Uberterbine wheels, upgrades to performance
brakes, the suspension is lowered, and it has aluminum alloy pedals. I
expect it is the 21" Uberterbine wheels with the performance tires that is
the main hit to the range, and the main source of the increased max speed.
I would be surprised if the other changes reduce the range significantly.

You could sell or trade your Uberterbine wheels and tires with another
Model Y owner and put on a set of standard wheels and tires and get back a
bunch of range. Though with the lowered suspension you would then have a
bit less ground clearance. Also without the Uberterbines you will give up
your 155 MPH top speed, and have to settle for poking along at 145 MPH.
Such are the tradeoffs when you drive a Tesla. ☺


On Mon, Jun 22, 2020 at 1:31 PM Karl Boekelheide <Karl at boekelheide.com>

> Nice review Alan.
> For my two cents I personally disagree that the Leaf drives better.
> That’s just personal preference, I guess.  I have: a 2011 Leaf with 142,000
> miles; a March 2020 performance Y with 1,500 miles; and a March 2018 RWD 3
> with 41,000 miles.  I think the 3 is the best of them.  I’ve done lots of
> miles in the Leaf and 3; not so many in the Y yet because of the CoVid
> thing.
> The Y is a nice hauling vehicle with lots of space inside but the 3 drives
> better and looks better to me. I’ve named the Y Pudgy because that’s how it
> looks to me. I particularly resent giving up over 10% of my range for the
> performance option.  That seems not to be feature of the performance 3 and
> make no sense to me. The Y is advertised at 315. The performance model I
> got is 280 (and dropping.)   I bought the 3 sight unseen because I wanted
> one early.  I was not disappointed in any way.  Tesla seemed to have made
> every choice in the best way possible for me.  I also bought the Y sight
> unseen and got a very early one.  If I had gotten it first I would probably
> not be at all disappointed.  For me it’s a step down from the 3.
> If you want an SUV, I’d get the normal, non-performance, version.  Yes
> it’s fun to launch like a rocket but I’d rather go another 35 miles per
> charge.  If you want the coolest car out there, my money is on the
> performance 3.
> Karl, OEVA
> On Jun 22, 2020, at 12:50 PM, Eric Cha <themastercha at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the nice review Alan.  :)
> Eric
> On 6/20/2020 8:15 PM, Alan Batie wrote:
> Just got back from Portland and test driving a Tesla Model Y.  The short
> of it was yes!  I can easily get in/out of it, even in the back seat. The
> back seats fold to make a flat cargo area and the rear hatch is a proper
> hatch.  As the Tesla guy put so well, "this is what the Model 3 should have
> been".
> It had the "full self-driving autopilot" too; ironically it was bad enough
> that if I get a Y, I will probably go ahead and get the self driving
> feature - if it's not going to be perfect, I want it to be bad enough to
> keep me paying attention.  It definitely has a ways to go, with such things
> as stopping for "traffic control" even when it could tell the light was
> green and not red, and when you're not navigating, but still on full
> autopilot, you can use the turn signal to tell it to change lanes, but not
> to take an exit.
> I do like the way the Leaf drives better, but there are a number of things
> you can tweak in the Tesla, and regardless, I'm sure I'd get used to it
> quickly - it wasn't bad.  And the center console is much better than I
> expected as well - I'd still rather have some of the info right in front of
> me, but I'm definitely spoiled by the size of the map and the clean display
> of the info you need.  It was also cool to have it showing icons of the
> vehicles around me, even distinguishing motorcycles from cars, and a couple
> of different kinds of car icons.  It also distinguished pedestrians in the
> parking lot at the Tesla store, though not as quickly as I would have
> liked.
> Pluses:
> + ease of getting in/out
> + cargo area
> + big display
> + basic "autopilot" is a decent active cruise control
> + user interface is pretty easy to navigate
> + adjusting steering wheel and mirrors with little scroll wheels is really
> nice
> + navigation system didn't tell me to stay on I-5 when going past some of
> the interchanges that the Leaf does - I want to know where the next turn
> is, not where I don't need to do anything (a pet peeve with most nav
> systems)
> Minuses:
> - dark rearview mirror
> - tiny view out the back
> - lots of things to learn in the user interface (e.g. didn't notice where
> the hvac controls were, though I wasn't looking for them either - but
> still, didn't run across them)
> - it wasn't obvious how to configure waypoints in the nav system, only a
> single destination
> - price ;-)
> I still need to check out the RAV4 Prime when it comes out, but I've gone
> from 90% RAV4 to 50%... (when I replace the Leaf when the lease runs out
> next spring...if I can wait that long ;-) )
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