[Oeva-list] Model Y test drive

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Mon Jun 22 17:56:41 PDT 2020

On 6/22/20 1:29 PM, Karl Boekelheide wrote:
> Nice review Alan.


> For my two cents I personally disagree that the Leaf drives better.

Mostly that had to do with steering stiffness, which adjustable and
probably could be made more to my liking, but it was a pretty minor
point - just something I noticed.

> If you want an SUV, I’d get the normal, non-performance, version.

That would be my plan - I don't need, don't really want, and definitely
don't want to pay for the performance version.  I put the test drive one
in "Chill" mode and it was just fine.

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