[Oeva-list] 2020 Nissan Leaf? Good deals!

Chaz Smith chazeesmith2u at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 13:36:54 PDT 2020

Hi Morris, I am pretty sure that the S no longer includes heated seats, a
shame.  You have to add a special package for that, that I believe adds a
heat pump.  Even the SV models, that all used to come with the heat pump as
part of the package, don't necessarily come with heated seats.

I am not aware of any official tow package or rating for the Leaf not that
that stops some people ;-).

It still an impressive value overall, but I think I'd consider the $88 per
month lease and if one qualified for the charge ahead rebat, basically you
being paid to drive the car for two years.  And the mileage penalty for
going over the allotment on Nissan is typically only 15 cents per mile, so
quite the deal.  And, yes I defintely feel that this is a flush by Nissan
of left over inventory.  I have yet to hear anything about a 2021 Leaf and
it concerns me a bit.  Hopefully something soon.  I fear that Nissan is
about to flat out abandon the Leaf program and I think that would be a
shame.  I do think that they want to launch the Aria with the benefit of
the federal tax credit being available.  Who knows that the laws will be
come next year with whatever change might occur in the coming election.
Could be better, could be worse, or basically a stalemate and more status
quo with phase out looming.

Good luck to you and your son. whatever you decide to do.

On Sat, Oct 10, 2020 at 7:04 PM Morris H Green <morrisgreen at comcast.net>

> So Carr Nissan is advertising new 2020 Nissan Leaf S (and S Plus and more
> Leafs) starting at $21,610.  That price includes these discounts:  $3,500
> from Carr, $2,500 from Oregon Clean Vehicle rebate, $1,000 “Trade
> Assistance” from Carr (if you trade in your old car), $6,000 from Nissan
> for a total of $13,000 off.  There are also a few conditional discounts
> (college, military, Nissan owner) of $500 each.  And then I went to the
> Nissan web site and they offered me a $50 gift card to take a test drive.
> I will be taking a test drive tomorrow with my son to see if we want to
> replace our 2013 Leaf S with all 12 bars and 56,000 miles on it.  And the
> salesman who called says that price includes the $925 delivery charge, but
> I’m not sure I believe him.
> Oh, and one more thing:  the Nissan Leaf still qualifies for the $7,500
> fed tax credit.  So that’s a new 2020 Nissan Leaf S for around $15,110
> without the trade assistance.
> Thanks to Peter Hoeckel for bringing this up at the OEVA meeting Thursday.
> I have a couple of questions if you’ve read this far:
> 1.  Does the 2020 Leaf S have heated seats?  Steering wheel?
> 2.  Is there a tow hitch made for it?
> Anything else people want me to consider?  I’m pretty close to making up
> my mind in favor of buying it.
> Oh, and most of these offers expire Nov 2nd.  It’s also the end of the
> model year so maybe the 2021 cars will have some upgrades.  Or maybe the
> 25% to 30% sales drop during this Covid 19 era is forcing Nissan to flush
> these cars to get them off their inventory?
> Lemme know!
> Morris
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