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Tue Oct 20 11:03:00 PDT 2020

Hi Morris, looks like Carr has recently updated their add and offers.  Have
you had any follow up from them?

On Sun, Oct 11, 2020 at 5:33 PM Morris H Green <morrisgreen at comcast.net>

> Ok my friends, here is what happened on our visit to Carr Nissan in
> Beaverton to drive the Nissan Leaf S.  They didn’t have an S for us to
> drive and offered a 2020 SV or a 2019 S (used) to test drive.  I don’t
> think there’s any difference between the 2019 and 2020 Leaf S models so we
> drove the 2019.  It has e-pedal which is strong regen and brings the car to
> a stop when the go pedal is released, no creep.  If you switch off e-pedal,
> it works like the old Leaf, mild regen + more regen when you step on the
> brake and creeps when the brake is released.  So your choice on how to set
> that up.  Also, the Leaf S does NOT have the heated seats or steering
> wheel, you must buy the SV version AND the All Weather Option for $900 to
> get the heated stuff.  Also, I couldn’t get an answer on when you get the
> heat pump from the sales staff.  I’ll check again on the Nissan web site
> and report back.
> The 2020 Leaf S version for $22,610 without trade-in at Carr comes with
> the Charge package option which is the Quick Charge Level 3 port and the
> portable charger that will connect to either 120v or 240v.  Without this
> option the portable charger is 120v only, a truly useless trickle charger.
> Sheesh.  There is also the Splash Guards option and the Carpeted Floor Mats
> and Cargo Area Mat option included at this price, at least with this
> particular unit.  Not sure what other units will have as options other than
> they all seemed to have the Charge Option which is the important one.
> We got to drive the car by ourselves (no salesman along).  Spent about 30
> minutes going through it and it seems like a reasonably nice car.  The real
> deal maker is that Nissan still qualifies for the Federal $7,500 tax credit
> if you owe that much to the feds so you can get the whole thing in one tax
> year.  We were offered about $4,000 for our 2013 Leaf with 56k miles on it
> but it’s in very good condition and still has 12 bars of battery.  So if we
> took the trade in offer and max out the Fed tax credit, the whole car
> including everything (tax, title, license, doc fees, etc etc etc) would
> come to $12,440.85 but requires $19,940.85 out of pocket to complete the
> deal.  Without the trade in, the total comes to $16,449.85 (incl fed tax
> credit) with $23,949.85 out of pocket.  So it looks pretty good for a brand
> new 2020 Leaf S rated at 150 miles EPA range.
> One discount that didn’t get included is a $500 loyalty bonus discount for
> already owning a Nissan.  The Carr sales people said that’s direct from
> Nisan and didn’t include it in the paperwork.  I’ll check into that some
> more and report back what I find.
> The $88 a month lease deal was last month and is no longer available
> according to the salesman, who said they moved about 20 cars with that
> deal.  But salesmen have given me wrong info almost all the time so you
> might want to check that out yourself to see if it’s really gone.
> Looked into Bolts too and the best deal was up around $29,750 and GM no
> longer qualifies for the Fed $7,500 tax credit.
> So, I need to check on used 2013 Leaf S prices to see if we can do
> significantly better than the $4k trade in offer and find out about the
> loyalty bonus.  Oh, and these deals expire on Nov 2, so another 3 weeks or
> so if you’re thinking about doing it.
> Morris
> On Oct 11, 2020, at 1:36 PM, Chaz Smith <chazeesmith2u at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Morris, I am pretty sure that the S no longer includes heated seats, a
> shame.  You have to add a special package for that, that I believe adds a
> heat pump.  Even the SV models, that all used to come with the heat pump as
> part of the package, don't necessarily come with heated seats.
> I am not aware of any official tow package or rating for the Leaf not that
> that stops some people ;-).
> It still an impressive value overall, but I think I'd consider the $88 per
> month lease and if one qualified for the charge ahead rebat, basically you
> being paid to drive the car for two years.  And the mileage penalty for
> going over the allotment on Nissan is typically only 15 cents per mile, so
> quite the deal.  And, yes I defintely feel that this is a flush by Nissan
> of left over inventory.  I have yet to hear anything about a 2021 Leaf and
> it concerns me a bit.  Hopefully something soon.  I fear that Nissan is
> about to flat out abandon the Leaf program and I think that would be a
> shame.  I do think that they want to launch the Aria with the benefit of
> the federal tax credit being available.  Who knows that the laws will be
> come next year with whatever change might occur in the coming election.
> Could be better, could be worse, or basically a stalemate and more status
> quo with phase out looming.
> Good luck to you and your son. whatever you decide to do.
> On Sat, Oct 10, 2020 at 7:04 PM Morris H Green <morrisgreen at comcast.net>
> wrote:
>> So Carr Nissan is advertising new 2020 Nissan Leaf S (and S Plus and more
>> Leafs) starting at $21,610.  That price includes these discounts:  $3,500
>> from Carr, $2,500 from Oregon Clean Vehicle rebate, $1,000 “Trade
>> Assistance” from Carr (if you trade in your old car), $6,000 from Nissan
>> for a total of $13,000 off.  There are also a few conditional discounts
>> (college, military, Nissan owner) of $500 each.  And then I went to the
>> Nissan web site and they offered me a $50 gift card to take a test drive.
>> I will be taking a test drive tomorrow with my son to see if we want to
>> replace our 2013 Leaf S with all 12 bars and 56,000 miles on it.  And the
>> salesman who called says that price includes the $925 delivery charge, but
>> I’m not sure I believe him.
>> Oh, and one more thing:  the Nissan Leaf still qualifies for the $7,500
>> fed tax credit.  So that’s a new 2020 Nissan Leaf S for around $15,110
>> without the trade assistance.
>> Thanks to Peter Hoeckel for bringing this up at the OEVA meeting Thursday.
>> I have a couple of questions if you’ve read this far:
>> 1.  Does the 2020 Leaf S have heated seats?  Steering wheel?
>> 2.  Is there a tow hitch made for it?
>> Anything else people want me to consider?  I’m pretty close to making up
>> my mind in favor of buying it.
>> Oh, and most of these offers expire Nov 2nd.  It’s also the end of the
>> model year so maybe the 2021 cars will have some upgrades.  Or maybe the
>> 25% to 30% sales drop during this Covid 19 era is forcing Nissan to flush
>> these cars to get them off their inventory?
>> Lemme know!
>> Morris
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