[Oeva-list] Leaf flushing

Thu Oct 22 20:36:46 PDT 2020

All is not gold that glitters!  Inspired by Morris Green's Carr Nissan experience, I called Tonkin Nissan in Wilsonville to see what they could do.  After some back and forth a sales manager sent me an offer that excited me, $129.96/mo for a 24 mo lease on a well-equipped SV (non-plus) that listed for $38,690.  To get there he'd had to discount the price by $17,166!  44% off!   I said I'll be right there, unloaded my stuff out of my '89 Astro trade in (not yet figured in) and drove 60 miles.  When I got there they reneged, and told me their offer was dependent on my signing over my State $2,500 EV incentive to them.  Expectation is the mother of disappointment!  Had they explained that before I drove down there I MIGHT have still thought it a good deal, but not after their shell game....  So disappointing.  That's a day gone I'll never get back.

Nick Galaday - Vernonia, OR
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