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Hi Nick, that sounds like a decent deal and keep in mind that the $2500
that they wanted you to sign over is the standard rebate.  You may still
qualify for  and get the additional charge ahead income based rebate.  It
takes a separate application and a verification of your income, which is
done by a vender contracted wit DEQ.  The process can take a couple few
months and in some cases has taken much longer than that, but I have heard
that they are doing better.  Also keep in mind that the license and titling
and taxes can and will likely exceed $1000 so  a good chunk of that rebate
comes with a substantial transaction cost but your still looking a very
cheap lease.  The other thing to avoid a potentially unpleasant
financial surprise  is to call your insurance company and see what you will
be paying for that.  It may go up, down or stay the same.  It may also pay
to shop around a bit.

On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 8:38 PM NICK & BEV GALADAY <NICKGALADAY at msn.com>

> All is not gold that glitters!  Inspired by Morris Green's Carr Nissan
> experience, I called Tonkin Nissan in Wilsonville to see what they could
> do.  After some back and forth a sales manager sent me an offer that
> excited me, $129.96/mo for a 24 mo lease on a well-equipped SV (non-plus)
> that listed for $38,690.  To get there he'd had to discount the price by
> $17,166!  44% off!   I said I'll be right there, unloaded my stuff out of
> my '89 Astro trade in (not yet figured in) and drove 60 miles.  When I got
> there they reneged, and told me their offer was dependent on my signing
> over my State $2,500 EV incentive to them.  Expectation is the mother of
> disappointment!  Had they explained that before I drove down there I MIGHT
> have still thought it a good deal, but not after their shell game....  So
> disappointing.  That's a day gone I'll never get back.
> Nick Galaday - Vernonia, OR
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