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Just realized I’m not a member of the Facebook group.

I’m guessing I’ve been associated with OEVA longer than nearly everyone still involved (1991 as I recall).

I’m also guessing I’d probably be banned from commenting given I have said critical things of Tesla at times.  Would it be okay for an investor in TSLA to be the sole moderator of this group and thereby be judge when someone comments, e.g. about Tesla car fires or autonomous mode crashes?  Maybe not.  Having said that, I’ll probably not join and push that risk.  I remember being nervous about EVs getting a bad rap when Musk jumped into the fray with the Roadster and decided to go with prioritary charging infrastructure and even custom power inlets.

We are fortunate today that Tesla did not f**k things up in the late 90’s.


I’m sure this post would not be acceptable on the FB forum.



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Interesting conversation.


I don't necessarily have a position one way or another on the described appointed-moderator one-strike-and-your-out rule. However, the conversation does have me questioning the authority of patrick0101 to be the moderator of the association's page. The bylaws on the OEVA association website obviously do not describe how the association is currently being governed.


Also, I would note that, unlike neodymium oxide, coal will probably never cost $49,144.00 per ton.




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I run that page and I've blocked a lot of people that were saying negative things about EVs. It's a one-strike and you're out rule. I don't have time to police each and every comment. 

Sunlight will never cost $4/gallon



On Fri, Jul 23, 2021 at 1:02 PM Christopher Holmquist <holmquistchristopher30 at gmail.com <mailto:holmquistchristopher30 at gmail.com> > wrote:

Can anyone tell me why I can't comment on the OEVA Facebook or even message the site? Have I been banned? Chaz can post just fine.  I've intentionally stopped saying negative things about other electric cars.  I've asked Facebook directly and haven't heard back

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