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Emily W. ibemmy225 at yahoo.com
Sun May 11 21:16:34 PDT 2014

We are going to have cake pops at Grand Assembly again this year; however, I promise that they will be better than they were last year.  

<my 'lesson' learned...>

I was not directly involved with the preparation two years ago (when Nadine did them) and did not give us enough time to let them set (basically last year we did them at the last minute and only gave ourselves a day and a half, when we really needed four full days to do them properly) before we dipped and packaged them.  <'lesson' learned... BIG TIME!>


We are raising the price by one dollar this year to reflect the time and effort that is put into making these.  We do not use a cake pop mold; they are made entirely by hand and are mixed with baker's frosting, which makes them so moist.  ...AND as we all know, all of the proceeds raised goes directly to this year's Statewide Service Project, KidTalk.  :-)

Flavors of cake pops

Chocolate- will also come in Gluten Free
Vanilla- will also come in Gluten Free
Red Velvet- no Gluten Free


1 for $2.00
3 for $5.00
6 for $10.00
12 for $20.00

If you would like to PRE-ORDERcake pops, please send an email to mebefore June 8th 2014.

We will only have 300 cake pops, not including the ones that will be pre-ordered.

Thank you!!

Mrs. Emily
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