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Fri Oct 3 08:50:20 PDT 2014

andDear Oregon Rainbow,

The Northeast Oregon OV-GOR in Joseph is rapidly approaching.  This has traditionally been one of the most anticipated and beloved events to attend during the Grand Year.  

This year, it falls much earlier in the OV-GOR schedule than it has in recent years.  The schedule we have followed in previous years is that we (The Holm 'Clan) would travel to Joseph on Friday morning, check in to the River Camp (or which ever lodging we were able to secure), unlock it and get it set up to welcome the Westside travelers.  Most of the Westside adults and members would trickle in throughout the late afternoon through midnight, and we would greet them and get them settled in.  We would then get up Saturday morning, have breakfast, enjoy the company of the other attendees, and then attend the OV-GOR.  After the OV-GOR had concluded, we would then spend time shopping in the novelty stores and browsing the historic town and then return to the main lodging where Mr. Holm and Mr, Metz would become grill-masters and BBQ for all of us to enjoy.  We would then arise Sunday morning, clean up, and depart for home.

The current head count we have for this trip is down significantly then in the past, combined with a 3 pm start time of the OV-GOR (in the past it has been closer to 1:30 or 2:00), we feel that it would be in the best interest of all those traveling to visit this event from the Westside, as well as Maxine Assembly, to eliminate the Friday arrival and only plan on traveling over early Saturday morning, attending the OV-GOR, and only spend Saturday night at the River Camp.  

With that being said, we still need to get a confirmation from all Mother Advisors and their assemblies as to whether or not they are attending and if so how many girls and adults will be attending.  We need to know how much food to purchase for Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast and how many 'beds' we will need.  That will determine whether or not we need the entire house or just one of the levels.  It will also determine the final cost per person.

So, if the Mother Advisors, adults, and Grand Deputies could please reply to this email with this information, (even if you have NO ONE attending, please let us know that - so we stop bothering you!  ) we can finalize our plans to ensure that everyone who does attend this event will have a wonderful time!

The cost for this trip is $30 and is based on 30 people attending.  That will include lodging for Saturday night, BBQ dinner Saturday night, light snacks, breakfast Sunday morning and a variety of beverages.  If we do not get 30 adults and girls to attend, we may need to make different arrngements and adjust accordingly. 

That is why it is important that we get the above requested information back to us as soon as possible. Payment for the lodging of this trip is due before we get there, so we need to have received all monies for this trip before this upcoming Monday, the 6th of October.  We will be at the GWAR in Salem this Saturday and can collect payment then.
Thank you for your understanding and assistance with this event and getting the information and payment to us as soon as you can.  Have a blessed day!  

Trisha Holm
Adult Editor, ORJ
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