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This week end, at the GWAR, the Meridian Grand Officers (Madison,
Juanita, Reno, and Grace) are beginning to sell Memory Books. Memory
Books are an easy way to do scapbooking for all your Rainbow memories.
We have blank scrapbooks for $10 each, and at each event a themed
packet of stickers for $1.50. The sticker packets include 3-4
stickers, along with a banner with the event title. You also get 4
blank banners with your purchase of a Memory Book, and a list of the
events we will be selling stickers for. There are enough pages in each
Memory Book for 13 Rainbow events (at which we will sell stickers) and
4 extra events that you can use the blank banners for.

We hope to see you at the GWAR, where we can answer any of your
questions and get you started making your own personalized Memory

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