[Or_rainbow] Pictures, pictures, and more pictures!

Jesus Martinez jamarti58 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 14:58:39 PDT 2014

I've put the pictures from the GWAR and Statewide Initiation up on our
server. We're still getting used to our new lenses so I apologize for the
few out-of-focus shots of the Grand Officers. Sorry! :-/

As usual, the link is:




The login link is on the upper-right corner and the info is:

Username: rainbow
Password: sexson

Also, the following Galleries are up there as well.

Meridian Assembly's Fall Installation - WA Grace
WGM & WGP Reception
Hillsboro Assembly's Fall Installation - WA Virginia
Pacific Chapter's Fall Installation - MC Dakota
Hillsboro Assembly's Initiation

Mr. Albert, Rainbow Paparazzo :-)
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