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Dinner, breakfast and lunch, oh my!

I need a count of all those who wish to eat communally Saturday dinner,
Sunday breakfast and Sunday lunch. Please let me know which meals you would
like to partake of. You can eat one, two or all three (Or none!  But it's
more fun if you can share a meal) Please respond quickly so that all of us
who are providing food will know how many to plan for. Email, call or text
me (info is below).

As stated above, this is an adult meeting. The only beverages being
provided are water, coffee (I have a Bunn coffee maker that I'm bringing)
and tea. You are welcome to bring snacks and beverages of your choice.  If
you wish to share those items, all the better.

To keep food costs down for those who wish to share a meal or three, we are
asking people who are eating with the group to contribute food that is on
the menu.* :)* I will update throughout the week to let people know the
status of who is bringing what, and how many people we can expect for each
meal. In addition, we can have more than one person providing a particular
grocery item (for instance, ground beef for the taco salad). If you have
food allergies or restrictions, consider bringing something you KNOW you
can eat without ill effect! The menu may not sound fancy, but it was
developed keeping in mind ease of transportation and preparation. We don't
want to spend hours in the kitchen!

Now for the menu. A list of grocery items for which you can sign up
follows. Let me know what you would like to provide. I will do regular
updates. Again, call, text or email is fine.

*Dinner – Saturday 6 p.m.*

Taco Salad


Ice cream sundaes for dessert

            *Grocery list:*

            Black or kidney beans - Leslie Hawkins

            Ground beef (multiple people may sign up for this item)

            Taco seasoning - Nancy Coddington


            Lettuce or bag-o-salad

            Green onion

            Cheddar cheese

            Sliced olives

            Sour cream


            Avocados or guacamole

            Tortilla chips

Cornbread mix OR pre-made before arrival

Vanilla ice cream –

chocolate syrup

caramel syrup



Brownies (pre-made)

*Breakfast – Sunday 8 a.m.*

Fresh fruit

Monkey bread

Assorted Yogurt

            *Grocery list:*


            Honeydew  or other fruit?

Monkey bread fixins – Nancy Coddington (prepare Saturday night and bake in
the morning)

            Yogurt selection - Susie Marshall

*Lunch – Sunday 12 noon*

Fresh fruit

Deli sandwiches

Chips & salsa

            *Grocery list:*

            Left over fruit from breakfast plus apples/oranges

            Left over chips & salsa from Saturday’s dinner

Potato chips - Leslie Hawkins

            Deli meats –



Sliced cheese –


Monterey jack



            Bread – whole wheat and white - anyone need gluten-free?



Nancy Coddington
503-551-5616 (call or text)
nancyceeohdee at gmail.com

On Sun, Nov 8, 2015 at 5:09 PM, Melissa Metz <melissadeemetz at gmail.com>

> To all planning on attending our GD, MA, AMA and Pledge leaders retreat
> next weekend here's the 'Scoop'.
> WHEN:  November 14 and 15, 2015
> WHERE: Pacific Winds Condominiums at 1723 NW Harbor Ave, Lincoln City
> 97367.  Conference room is on the south end of the 4th floor.  For those
> who have  confirmed space with me, accommodations are in # 29 & #9.
>  (I do still have some room.)
> ⏱ Since most will be arriving after leaving the Mystic Banquet, start time
>  for Saturday is approximate.
> Saturday Afternoon and Evening:
> 1) 3pm            Declaration of Cooperation
> 2) 3:45          Job Descriptions
> 3) 4:30           Conflict Resolutions
> 4) 5:30pm       Merit Bars
> 5) 6pm           Dinner and Drinks
> 6) 7pm           Annual Reports
> 7) 7:45pm.       “Parking Lot” –facilitator review the next day-
> 8) 8pm            Games and Fellowship
> Sunday Morning and Early Afternoon:
> Breakfast
> 1) 9am          Conflict Resolution
> 2) 10am        Youth Protection – Record Keeping
> 3) 10:30.        Membership Report
> 4) 11am          Mentoring
> 5) 12pm.         Lunch  *
> 6) 1pm           “Fun Back in Functional”
> 7) 1:45pm        Interactions with Girls
>                           (focusing on positive, generational gap,
> customer service)
> 8) 2:30pm     Training Development
> 9) 2:45pm      Declaration (final thoughts, follow up)
> As you can see we will have plenty to do!  This event is planned to
> strengthen our leadership team in Oregon Rainbow by sharing our knowledge
> and experience to build  communication, policy and organizational
> procedures.  Your active participation is vital!  Please look over the
> agenda and bring with you any documents, outlines, ideas, and experience to
> share, specifically in reference to job descriptions, merit bar programs,
> training ideas, and assembly success stories.
> *. To help keep costs minimal we are asking individuals to bring prepared
> dishes or fixen's to contribute to meal preparation. Nancy Coddington has
> agreed to coordinate for us, if you would be willing to bring something
> please let her know.  Each of the Condos has a full kitchen, fully stocked
> appliance wise but only minimal foodstuffs.
> **. This is planned as an adult event, please bring beverages and snacks
> to share during social/break time.
> *** Please pay special attention to the parking signs on the street as
> they are strictly enforced.
> I'm excited to see you all next weekend!  If you have any questions that I
> haven't covered please email or give me a call at tlrollman at msn.com or
> 503.551.4494.
> Teri Rollman, SD
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