[Or_rainbow] Travel Dress Contrast Fabric - more details

Mobley, Sherilynn sherilynn.mobley at graphicpkg.com
Tue Jul 5 13:57:28 PDT 2016


It has come to my attention that some people are having trouble finding the contrast fabric for the travel dresses. I've put the SKU numbers for the fabrics below, as well as the company and color information included at the back of the bolt. Let me know if anyone has any more issues finding the fabrics. Also, we were incorrect in saying that they were all broadcloth. A few of the colors can be found in broadcloth, but it might be easier to find them among the other cottons.

Light Green:
Cloud 9 Fabrics, CL9 Grass Cirrus (it's an organic cotton)

Golden Brown:
Country Classics, CC SLD Bronze Gold

Kona Cotton Solids, Kona Khaki

Plum Purple:
Kona Cotton Solids, Eggplant Kona

Thank you all for your patience!
Grace Wolbaum

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