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For The Blast

One of my Rainbow girls, Chelsea Ebert, was diagnosed with cancer this
past year and had surgery.  It was caught early and she is hopeful for
a full recovery; however, she has checkups quite often but is doing
well.  She had all her insurance in place, but through some
information she was not aware of, the insurance didn't cover all of
her medicals and she is left to pay them on her own.  Chelsea is a
majority member of Forest #34, past Grand Faith for Cassie Malmquist,
and a master of the Grand Cross of Color. She was a devoted Rainbow
girl and we love her dearly.

She has a post on Facebook through a link from Go Fund Me and it is
not a scam. However, if you do not want to go through that link, you
can send donations to her personally at her address of 2678 NW Ginseng
Place, Corvallis, OR 97330.   I am told it may be that the Go Fund Me
takes a portion of the donation and I, personally, want Chelsea to get
the benefit of all of my donation.

Chelsea says if you require information about her surgery go feel free
to contact her at her address.  The surgery was of a personal nature
and she told only her family and very close friends.  She is in our
thoughts and prayers for a full recovery.

Rainbow love,
Susie Marshall

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