[Or_rainbow] Calling all helpers - TOMORROW - Saturday, 11/5 5-9pm Wilsonville Shrine Center

Mobley, Sherilynn sherilynn.mobley at graphicpkg.com
Fri Nov 4 12:29:30 PDT 2016

Hello everyone

We have had a call for help from the coordinator of the Supreme Queen dinner for the Daughters of the Nile tomorrow night. The person that was to provide her with servers/bussers/dishwashers has backed out and she is hoping that Oregon Rainbow can come to the aid.

She is in need of 7-10 girls to be at the Wilsonville Shrine Center tomorrow at 5pm dressed in black slacks, white shirts, with their hair up (wiglets if they have them and name badges if a Grand Officer) to help serve the Ceremonial Dinner for the Supreme Queen. They would then be bussing the dishes and a few older girls running the dishwasher for utensils and glasswear. The commitment is about 5-9pm.

If you are able to help with this, please contact me ASAP today as this poor woman is really in need of our help. We do have the Pledge OV from 1:30-3:30ish at Lents Lodge which is about 40 minutes to the Shrine Center.

I would really like to see Oregon Rainbow pull through with helpers for this as it is a special occasion to have the Supreme Queen visit.

Please respond to me as quickly as you can. Mrs. Lovelin has offered to chaperone if we can get some girls together.

Thank you!
Sherilynn Mobley
Mother Advisor - Mt. Scott

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