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Oregon Rainbow Family


Policy Advisory Group


February 4th, 2018

In accordance with Policy 1.01 Formulation and Issuance of Jurisdictional Policies, at the request of the Supreme Officer the Policy Subcommittee is soliciting comments on the following draft Policy 200-03 Social Media Guidelines. The draft policy is attached and also available online at http://www.oregonrainbow.org/policy.html. The comment period will be open for thirty days. Please submit your feedback by Monday March 5th at Midnight PST to policy at oregonrainbow.org<mailto:policy at oregonrainbow.org>.

How to Comment

Comments are an important contribution from the Rainbow community. Accordingly, comments should be clear, concise, and relevant to the analysis of the proposed policy. Take the time to organize thoughts and edit the document submitted. As a general rule, the tone of the comments should be polite and respectful. Those reviewing comments are volunteers tasked with a job, and they deserve the same respect and professional treatment that you expect in return. Comments that are solution oriented and provide specific examples will be more effective than those that simply oppose the proposed draft policy. Comments that contribute to developing alternatives that address the purpose and need for the policy are also effective.

Commenting is not a form of “voting” on an alternative. The number of negative comments the policy subcommittee receives does not prevent an action from moving forward. Numerous comments that repeat the same basic message of support or opposition will typically be responded to collectively. In addition, general comments that state an action will have “significant programmatic effects” will not help an agency make a better decision unless the relevant causes and programmatic effects are explained.

Finally, remember that the Supreme Officer also receives other information and data such as operational and technical information related to implementing an action that she will have to consider when making a final decision.

Format of Comments

Written comments to the Policy Subcommittee should have the following elements:

·         You contact information: Name, Email, Phone

·         A notation if you are responding as an individual or as the official representative of an assembly or local advisory board.  This is generally a Worthy Advisor or Advisory Board Chair.

·         An overall position statement such as

·         I/We are in support of the draft policy [insert # and title]

·         I/We are in support of the draft policy [insert # and title], except as indicated in comments below.

·         I/We are not in support of the draft policy [insert # and title].

·         Please provide specific comments on the provisions of concern in the policy.


Questions regarding the comment period should be directed to policy at oregonrainbow.org<mailto:policy at oregonrainbow.org>.

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