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Hello everyone!

Below is a list of girls that have earned their proficiency so far this year. I need to know if any of you need your pin in addition to your charm, will you be attending the OV in Eugene this weekend, and are there other girls that are not Grand Officers that have passed the proficiency this year? Every Rainbow girl is eligible to do proficiency every year. The proficiency test consists of the obligation and traditions. If you are or have been Worthy Advisor and you've had an initiation since last Grand Assembly, you may be able to receive your pin/charm. You would have had to do the obligation and traditions from memory and your Grand Deputy would have had to been in attendance to verify it.
The proficiency can be done at any time during the year and at Grand Assembly. For girls that are not Grand Officers, you must pass it to the ritual directors, your Grand Deputy or Mrs. Rollman.

Grand Deputies, if you have non-grandie girls that have passed the proficiency this year, please let me know.

Thank you!
Karen Smith
PGWA and Co-director of Ritual competition

2019 Proficiency earners:

GWA Katie

GWAA Becca

GCharity Tesa

GHope Whitney

GFaith Reagan

GRecorder Emily

GChaplain Anna

GDrill Leader Josephine

GLove Aberdeen

GImmortality Andrea

GOuter Observer Cady

GMusician Samantha

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