[Local events] Reminder: Doug Nufer and Lisa Radon, Sunday 12/12 at MWC

joseph bradshaw jdbradshaw at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 12:50:53 PST 2004

Spare Room invites you to hear the poets 
Doug Nufer (Seattle) and Lisa Radon (Portland)

Sunday, December 12th at 7:30pm
Mountain Writers Center
3624 S.E. Milwaukie Ave.
Portland, OR
Suggested Donation: $5


Lisa Radon is a poet who loves the taste of words in mouth, tongue on teeth.
She's performed at the Carmel Performing Arts Festival, Lollapalooza,
the San Francisco Poetry Festival, and Spare Room's Sound Poetry
Festivals, and most recently at Portland's Celebration of the Mayor's
Creative Economy Initiative at the close of the Design Festival.

Radon has also performed in collaboration with conceptual drummer, Tim
DuRoche in the 2003 Experimental Jazz Festival at the Modern Zoo, the
Richard Foreman Festivals 2003/2004, and at venues all over Portland
including Pacific Switchboard, and Performanceworks Northwest. The duo
also created a sound installation, Aqueous (E)vent No. 1 for Red 76's
Community Jukebox as part of the 2003 Core Sample Exhibition and a
visual collaboration for the UNREADABILITY show at Eyedrum in Atlanta.
They co-curate Rhizomatica, a multidisciplinary performance series in

Radon's work has been anthologized, incorporated into libretto, and
published in three chapbooks, as well as numerous journals online and
off-. In 1998 she received a grant for the development and performance
of a poem cycle for chorus, movers, and sound artists.

She and TdR are currently developing a longer work about the heroic
gesture. They love Barnett Newman.

Radon is a freelance writer who concentrates mainly on arts and
culture, writing for Strong Week, NonstarvingArtists.com, and the
Organ among others.


Doug Nufer writes stories, poems, and pieces for performance that seem
to follow odd procedures, even when they don't. His novels
Negativeland (Autonomedia), Never Again (Four Walls Eight Windows/
Black Square), and On the Roast (Chiasmus), and his CD The Office
(softpalate) were all released over the last few months, as if
according to some master plan.
His work has also appeared in the Northwest Edge anthologies and in
the magazines Monkey Puzzle, Chain, Fence, Farm Pulp, and the Brooklyn

He's a founding member of the spoken word troupe Staggered Thirds,
which played in and around Seattle 1998-2003, a former editor of the
Washington Free Press, and one of the editors of American Book Review.

He lives in Seattle, where he runs a wine shop.

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