[Local events] Fwd: Matt Marble's listening works in September

David Abel passages at rdrop.com
Wed Aug 16 22:31:31 PDT 2006

The following is an invitation to participate in Matt Marble's
Faces of Sound listening works in September, part of an ongoing
series of events involving soundmaking from the perspective of
listening, bypassing the usual dichotomy between performer and
audience. Intrigued? Read on . . .


(kollodi, who is helping to organize, says:)

hey everyone,

i appologize if you are receiving this email twice. if you have
signed up with the yahoogroup and have already read this, please
forward it to friends or interested parties. if you have not received
this yet, please read - it's VERY exciting.

(matt says:)

so, once again with the help of kollodi I'm going to attempt another
group of listening-works (4 works in 2 days). The events will take
place at 3:30pm on Sunday, September 10th … AND… Sunday, September
17th (location to be announced). 22 people came to the event this past 
and I'm hoping for at least that many once again.

Welcome, both musicians and non-musicians. These works require no
reading of music nor is any instrumental 'skill' or stylistic training
necessary - just the ability to listen to others and make one or a few
simple tones, scrapes, or bumps in response. These cyclical works of
varying instrumentation ( e.g. bells, guitars, flutes, Indonesian
angklung, harmonicas, etc) explore an interactive listening which
leads the group as a whole to move in (and out of) tune with one
another, giving rise to beautifully shifting colors of sound and a
gradual confounding of one's sense of space and self.

If you are interested please email kollodi at kollodi at gmail.com and
let her know. Be sure to tell what instrument(s) you might could play
and/or bring or if you 'don't play anything' [note: you do NOT need to
have an instrument to participate]. Also, say if you plan on attending
one or both events. If you have questions about the scores or anything
at all, feel free to email matt at memarble at gmail.com.

Please do sign up to the yahoo group linked below. This site has
images of scores and (4 min) samples of audio to give you a better
idea of what this work is like. I also send out emails from this group
to keep participants informed. Also… FORWARD THIS E-MAIL TO ANY
INTERESTED PARTIES!!!! The more the merrier.

Both events will be preceded by short rehearsals/demonstrations. The
works/performances themselves are more like a practice than a product.
I am really looking for people who can commit to coming to the events,
as i will be adjusting the scores with the foreknowledge of what
instruments you play. More details to come. Hope this finds you all


Note: For those of you who participated in WinterWorks this past Jan…
the first piece we did,"Conformation", seemed the strongest and the
most enjoyable for all who were present, myself included. I've
continued in that direction with these new works. hope to see/hear all
of you again.

::::::::::::::::: ::: :: : : : : : : : :

Matthew Marble
memarble at gmail.com

facesofsound at yahoo.com

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