[Local events] Tony Christy & Jules Boykoff, Sunday 12/17

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Tue Dec 5 14:10:53 PST 2006

Spare Room Reading Series


Tony Christy & Jules Boykoff

Saturday, December 17th
7:30 pm

Portland Art Center
32 NW 5th Avenue
(at the corner of Couch)

$5 suggested donation

spareroom at flim.com

Upcoming readings:


January 28 Linda Russo & Joel Bettridge
February ? Rebecca Loudon & TBA
March 19 Kate Greenstreet & Janet Holmes
March 25 Mark Wallace & Lorraine Graham


Tony Christy writes: "As a child I grew gills and drowned. My father was 
a scrap surgeon my mother a mitt mender. I worked in a restaurant full 
of half-stiffs and box bleeders; the customers ate the food, the servers 
ate the help. Upon graduation from the institute of technical friction I 
took a position with the broke bureau."

Jules Boykoff is the author of /Once Upon a Neoliberal Rocket Badge/ 
(Edge, 2006), /The Metal Sunset of Tomorow's Ascending Dissension/ 
(Dusie, 2006), & and a 'wee-chap' called /Gringostroika/, just out from 
Dusie Press. With Kaia Sand he co-curates the Tangent Reading Series in 
Portland. His poems have been
published recently or are forthcoming in /Tinfish,/ /Traffic,/ 
/XConnect,/ & the /Oregonian/. He lives
in Southeast Portland.



1) Wheel international 350 tractor model, pippin 120 Backhoe, Bucket 
14”, Front 9 cu. Ft. backfill.
2) 1 Backhoe pippin bucket
1 Rubber massey ferguson mh 50 back-hoe tractor, buckets …………..5,050.00
(Into first delivery divided upon payment)
1 J.I. 310 case industrial hydraulic end loader 101
1 Davis Model Back Hoe
1 Model wide dozer
1 65-20 loader backfill blade , 12” and 18” bucket loader
1 International davis “300” front special Shawnee net blade…………..$4,7809.00
A. Estimate #3 on Dake Sewer statement for work on said clean-u

Item “J” to be held up on paving etc. To meet in south part of city even 
if over-all plans on this matter were being explored for lots 5 and 6 
block from “A” “B” by B.L.
A quorum was transacted with prayer minutes not prepared in final form 
in connection with G heirs to develop price for information unanimously 
adopted by s. harry to wit:
/“Whereas, to them a certain lying league of purposes using the same 
grounds as land for a dangerous ordinance and the shooting of all kinds 
of fire under advisement that the hertefore area conveyed in the event 
should not recover during construction.” /
E. A. Gibbs
Being absent, thus constituting a letter for a proposed bon ton to 
present action as matter of exception moved by B.F. whence repealed to 
confirm Citys’ unanimous yea:
Convened at City with following
Brack Gage rifle V.F.target interest headed a bon-ton to secure 70 
people on a 2 inch line and furnish them in behalf of toilets of pit 
type to check on elected wards number 2 and 4.

-- Tony Christy

Hope is a category, an object, a toothbrush, an unmarked door, a metric 
of leisure, a decolonized
mind. Hope is a volcano, a train platform, an island, a thumbtack, an 
impediment, a bombshell, an
intellectual pitbull
Hope Is a Full-Time Job

9. where death means death & not the end

9. where closer to closure means not quite there

9. whereas closer to closure, closer to fine

9. where finite closure meant death without end

9. where closure lived swimmingly without love in the end

9. whereas love in the end meant closure to that question

9. where closer to death meant fine thanks, fine thanks

9. where your moxie rocked up life without end

9. where death meant life on a highway without stars

9. where death meant life on a highway without stars

9. whereby whereas whereupon we must live

-- Jules Boykoff

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