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Subject: 	Call 4 Submissions: 4 Poems 4 New Orleans: 4 days only!
Date: 	Thu, 28 Dec 2006 18:46:22 -0800
From: 	orlo <bear at orlo.org>
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Call 4 Submissions: 4 Poems 4 New Orleans: 4 days only!
On Wednesday, January 3, a representative from The Bear Deluxe Magazine will
travel from Portland, Oregon, to New Orleans, Louisiana. While there he will
deliver 4 poems 4 New Orleans. Writers, artists, students and others are
encouraged to participate in this cross-pollination-poetry-project by
submitting their 4 poems via email by 5 p.m., January 2 (PST).
The collected poems (and short-prose, small graphics) will be posted around
Katrina-stricken neighborhoods, offering reflective and encouraging
testimonials to citizens of New Orleans from afar. Several compilations will
be distributed to City Hall, the New Orleans Pubic Library and the New
Orleans Times-Picayune.
Deadline: 5 p.m., January 2, PST
Open to All
Wanted: 4 poems 4 New Orleans
(or short prose, black and white graphics)
Must fit on 1 letter-sized page.
Submit as plain email text (no HTML), Mircosoft Word or PDF doc
Submit any graphics as PDF docs (1 mb max)
Email to: bear at orlo.org
Subject line: 4 Poems 4 New Orleans
This text must appear at the bottom of the page:
Your name
City, State, Country
Citizens of N.O.: These writings are included in the 4 Poems 4 New Orleans
Project, instituted and organized by The Bear Deluxe Magazine. Poems were
submitted between December 28, 2006, and January 2, 2007. Based in Portland,
Oregon, The Bear Deluxe Magazine is published by Orlo, a nonprofit
organization that uses the creative arts to explore environmental issues.

The Bear Deluxe Magazine
The Orlo Exhibition Space
Mailing address: P.O. Box 10342
Street address: 2516 NW 29th Bldg. 9
(see www.orlo.org for directions)
Portland, Oregon  97296
Phone: 503-242-1047
email: bear at orlo.org
url: www.orlo.org 

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