[Local events] improv quartet, Saturday 7/8

David Abel passages at rdrop.com
Wed Jul 5 17:35:54 PDT 2006

Seating is limited -- arrive early!

Saturday, July 8, 2006
Tug Boat Brewing
711 SW Ankeny
9:00 pm
by donation (be sure to put something in the jar)

Fred Lonberg-Holm -- cello
Michael Zerang -- percussion
Torsten Muller -- contrabass
Paul Hoskin – clarinets, baritone saxophone

Fred Lonberg-Holm and Michael Zerang have been working together on a 
variety of projects since 1995. They have created a set of CD releases 
as two thirds of a trio with Axel Dorner, John Butcher, Jaap Blonk, Sten 
Sandell, and upcoming releases with Joe McPhee and Peter Brotzmann. 
Zerang and Lonberg-Holm are members of the Peter Brotzmann Chicago 
Tentet, and have performed together on releases from Broken Wire, In 
Zenith, and Sonance Quarry. Together and separately, they have performed 
internationally with an ever widening pool of improvisers and musical 
innovators for the past 30 years.

Bassist Torsten Muller, born in Germany, presently lives in Vancouver 
BC. He came onto the free improvised music scene in the mid-70s, first 
playing with Free Music Communion (ensemble with guitarist Herber 
Janssen and pianist Udo Bergner). Since that time, Muller has divided 
his time between making music, teaching and working as a radio 
programmer. Free Music Communion recorded three LPs (on their own 
Fremuco Records label), the third of which was Ham Days (Fremuco 1004, 
1981) that included American guitarist Davey Williams and 
violinist/viola player LaDonna Smith. Among other entries in his short, 
potent discography, are LPs Muller recorded with legendary 
Hannover-based improvisor, trombonist, cellist and bassist Gunter 
Christmann. These include a quartet with Christmann, Williams, & Smith, 
White Earth Streak (Trans Museq), a duet record Carte Blanche (FMP) and 
others recordings as a member of Gunter Christmann's ever-shifting 
ensemble Vario. Additionally, Torsten Muller was bassist in the 
outstanding improvised large ensemble King Ubu Orchestra, with whom he 
recorded Binaurality (FMP).

Paul Hoskin began his musical work with a program of self-education, 
playing the bass clarinet exclusively. A native of Seattle, currently a 
resident of Astoria, Oregon, Paul lived on both coasts and traveled 
globally. Collaborations have included the orchestral as well as 
numerous smaller formations. Paul currently plays baritone saxophone and 
clarinets. An accomplished solo performer, Hoskin extends the form both 
in terms of duration and sonority. His annual ninety minute contrabass 
clarinet solos were legendary. Performances take place in venues ranging 
from jazz festivals in Czechoslovakia to oyster bars in Jackson, 
Mississippi. As a New Yorker (1987-1995), Hoskin worked in innumerable 
ensemble settings as well as developing his skills as a solo performer. 
This work included the trio Trigger (Fred Lonberg-Holm-cello, Leslie 

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