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Sun Jul 9 12:45:42 PDT 2006

This came through on the local musicians' listserv, "announce" -- I 
don't know any of these groups, but the descriptions are certainly 
intriguing. I've included the subscription information for the list, 
which is a good way to hear about improvised and experimental music in town.


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CACOPHONY presents

ScarD, cathartech, nkondi, fAWN, C.O.M.A., Two Oboes, QKCOFSE, Geyser, 

Saturday, July 29th, 8:00 pm.
Weapons of Mass Compassion, 323 NW 6th
$5 sliding-scale, All Ages

CACOPHONY aims to bring exposure to artists whose work challenges the 
definition of their established mediums. We aim to provide an outlet for 
fringe genres across medias, from sound to video to performance, melding 
creative experimentation into a cacophony of experience. 

The domain of SCARD exists in a bleak nihilistic world at the defiled 
crossroads of dense apocalyptic drone and cruel black metal. It is an 
aural wasteland populated by the tormented screams of the wounded, and 
the dying breaths of arcane machinery. It is from this nightmare that 
SCARD unleashes his suffocating emissions and hate-filled screams. 
Blistering walls of distortion puncture the high end while an 
unrelenting, cold-hearted subsonic boot slowly stomps on the throat of 
silence. http://www.myspace.com/scard

cathartech is a one-person sonic research project focused on creating 
unique and potent soundscapes. highly experimental in nature, the music 
weaves technology, occult sciences, surrealist techniques, and personal 
expression together into the audio equivalent of a rorschach test. the 
music itself is best described as organic textural ambience - from 
soothing, complex drones and atmospheric textures to minimalist tones. 
field recordings, advanced synthesis techniques, homebuilt instruments, 
transduced inaudible frequencies, subliminals and the complete disregard 
for traditional music theory are the typical modes of operation. 

Harsh pedal abuse noise, in the vein of the japanese masters. A spastic 
cacaphony of destroyed electronics of almost groove like fx pedal 
sequences to fast cut ups to beautiful walls of distortion and high 
pitched feedback tearing through and back again. 

This solo project of Jasin Fell (Popewyrm, Gashdig, Hitting Birth) has 
been known to traverse both the violent territory of power noise, as 
well as melancholy realms of self-coined "Black Ambient".
   Experimental, though not entirely improvisational, fAWN deploys as 
much vintage equipment as possible, ranging from casio keyboards, to 
vintage tape reels, and a near 30 year old drum machine.
   This particular fAWN performance will be a very unique, perhaps 
unintelligible, collection of "cover songs".
   Only one thing about fAWN is certain. You never know what you will 
get, but you will certainly know it when you get it. 

The California Outside Music Associates (C.O.M.A.) are a collective of 
improvising musicians from Central California. The collective performs 
throughout California in settings ranging from the duo to an octet, with 
dancers, visual artists and poets. The current tour trio is John Vaughn, 
alto saxophone, Dax Compise drums/percussion, and Zone on invented 
electric cello (ak.a. cellectro)

Two Oboes
Two oboes are Sarah Braun-Hamilton and Jennifer Knipling. We are two 
classically trained oboists who have converted to experimental 
improvosational techniques. Our setup includes two oboes, two loop 
pedals, and various effects including delay, ring modulation, distortion 
and pitch shifting. Our music is noisy and beautiful. 

Geyser, aka the Moisturizer, aka Back From Iraq, is the feedback 
squelched tape loop project of Daniel Rizer, former co-owner of Epicene 
Sound Systems and curator of Together Tapes. A member of Shitty Vibe 
Smasher and fomerly of Ohio noise trio Yes,Collapse. Geyser is Rizer's 
latest project which collides dense static from barely operational 
electronic equipment with creeping tapes and deep pulsed throb that's 
been described as "straight faded."

Surrealist inspired sound improvisation with drums, prepared guitar, 
tapes, and objects.

avante-garde glitch-noise; motors slowing and speeding up, stuttering, 
and dying; malfunctioning electrical components; singing beyond the 
range of human capability; transmissions from the aether; clicks and 
pops and growls and swooshes and roars and silence. 

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