[Local events] Friday night, 2/23: free concert: Burns/Neumann/Allport

David Abel passages at rdrop.com
Thu Feb 22 16:45:31 PST 2007

from Gust Burns:

hello everyone.

i'll be performing at the reed college chapel in portland this friday, 
february 23.
show starts at 8:30pm & it is free!

there will be an informal talk/q&a either in between sets or after the 

i hope to see you there.
-- gust

andrea neumann / jeffrey allport / gust burns


this international trio plays improvised music informed by the 
reductionist/ lowercase movement that neumann was an integral part of 
during the 90's in berlin.

currently, neither movement towards free blowing nor towards total 
silence is of interest. rather, a sound world informed by the variety of 
tools and approaches at hand, maintaining focus and relevance within a 
diversity of densities/ textures/ pitches/ ...

artist bios can be found at 

sound from gust burns can be found at 

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