[Local events] Free film series, St. Johns

David Abel passages at rdrop.com
Sun Mar 4 13:11:58 PST 2007

First Amendment Screenings

Film series at Proper Eats Café
Corner of N Lombard and Alta Street, across from St John's Theater.

All showings are FREE at 7 pm on Tuesday evenings!

For more information, call (503) 445-2007. Admission is always free.

March 6- THE BATTLE OF CHILE (Part 3 of 3): This is the final part of 
the magnificent documentary trilogy. An exultant depiction of people 
becoming politicized and taking charge of their own destinies, 
responding ingeniously to further acts of oppression and attempting to 
reorganize every aspect of their lives along communal lines. (1979) 
NOTE: This screening made possible by the Subtitling Team at PCASC.

March 13- DECONSTRUCTING SUPPER: Renowned chef John Bishop leads viewers 
on a trip, starting with a gourmet meal in his five-star restaurant, 
then we travel the world -- from farmer's fields to biotech laboratories 
to supermarket aisles -- on a personal quest to find out what our food 
choices are. (2002)

March 20- THE LIBERACE OF BAGHDAD: Award-winning portrait of Iraq, as 
Sean McAllister spends eight months with Baghdad's most famous pianist, 
Samir Peter; reduced to playing in a hotel bar and watching chaos 
unfold. (2007)

March 27- CRUDE IMPACT: This film examines our addiction to the 
consumption of oil. It is revealed not as a benign power source, but as 
the source of most conflict, despotic regimes and of much environmental 
destruction. It is, the film argues, an addiction with extremely 
unpleasant and messy side-effects.(2004)

May 1st- General Strike, and you don't even have to set your alarm! Take 
the day off, join the May Day Parade, smell the roses, or, just DON'T go 
to work. Only workers have enough power to stop this government. Let's 
let them know we can! Enough already.

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