[Local events] House concert

David Abel passages at rdrop.com
Mon Sep 3 20:41:01 PDT 2007

from Seth Nehil:

House concert  --  solos, trios, others

Saturday, September 8th, 8:00 pm
4605 NE 13th Ave
(NW corner of Going & 13th)

Tom Grzinich
is traveling from Austin, Texas via Alaska where he was gutting fish.  
He coaxes rich piano chords repetitively, hypnotically, convincingly -- 
creating huge overtone clouds and elusive melodies.

Zach Wallace
recently moved to Portland from upstate NY, via Michigan where he was 
collecting soil.  In the past he has played bass for Tony Conrad and His 
Name is Alive, among others.  He has degrees in composition and 
biology.  His music finds a place where those two interests meet.

Matt Carlson
lives in Portland.  He plays keyboards and electronics in the 
Parenthetical Girls and Bonus, as well as composing for ensembles and 
performing solo.  See/hear more at  http:// bucketfactory.com

Matt Marble
lives in Portland has composed/improvised works for chamber groups, 
film, theatricals, dance, c.d., stereo diffusion, and multimedia 
performance. Since 2005 he has focused on scoring for leaderless 
collective, involving biological rhythms, social-attentional networks, 
and processes of self-organization. See/hear more at 

Seth Nehil
also lives in Portland and works with recorded sound.  He is currently 
scoring Linda Austin and Dancers full-length piece Circus Me Around to 
premier in late October, and his CD with Boston composer Brendan Murray 
called Sillage will be out next week.  See/hear more at 


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