[Local events] Tuesday, 4/8: Panel on the SPP ("NAFTA-plus"), 1st Unitarian

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Tuesday, April 8
7:00 pm

First Unitarian Church, Eliot Chapel
SW 12th and Salmon

Better Neighbors: A New Way Forward for North America
A Critical Look at the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP)

with Carleen Pickard, Hector Sánchez, and John Gibler

As the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) turns fifeen, 
more-and-more people are recongizing its faults and demanding a change.  
Unfortunately, the NAFTA agenda continues to move forward in 
unanticipated ways.  Most Americans, including many dedicated trade 
activists, have yet to take a critical look at the Security and 
Prosperity Partnersip (SPP), which is often referred in neighboring 
countries as "NAFTA-plus." 

In this panel discussion, a team of experts from Mexico, Canada and the 
United States will dissect the economic and security arrangements being 
forged behind closed doors under the auspices of the SPP.  These 
backroom deals cover everything from water privatization to energy 
policy; homeland security to public health; transportation to 
immigration -- all without any real consultation with Congressional 
branches or the general public.  This is a topic that deserves our close 

Speaker Bios

Carleen Pickard

Carleen Pickard is a Regional Organizer for the Council of Canadians, 
which is Canada's largest citizens' organization with members and 
chapters across the country. Carleen works with communities to protect 
Canadian independence by promoting progressive policies on fair trade, 
clean water, safe food, public health care, and other issues of social 
and economic concern to Canadians. In August of 2007, the third Summit 
on the Security and Prosperity Partnership took place in Montebello, 
Quebec, and the Council of Canadians called a National Day of Action. 
Carleen worked with activists in BC to oppose the Summit. She previously 
worked with Global Exchange on human rights and economic rights issues 
in Mexico and Latin America.//

Hector Sánchez

Hector Sánchez is the Policy Education Coordinator for Global Exchange's 
Mexico Program. He represents the program in Washington, D.C., where he 
coordinates efforts to inform and organize legislators and key 
organizations in support of new priorities on trade and immigration. 
Hector has over 10 years of policy, research and community organizing 
experience in the education, government, and non-profit sectors. His 
commentaries on Mexican politics were frequently published in Mexico 
before he moved to Washington six years ago. During the five years prior 
to joining Global Exchange in the summer of 2007, Hector worked at 
Education Trust where he developed and led an initiative to improve 
public education for this country's immigrant and Latino community. He 
holds both a bachelor's and master's degree in Political Science from 
the University of Texas.

John Gibler

John Gibler an independent journalist, has covered Mexico's social 
movements since early 2006 and is a Global Exchange Human Rights Fellow 
in Mexico. His reporting has included dispatches from the Zapatista 
'Other Campaign,' targeting last year's contested Mexican elections, 
coverage of the electoral fraud protests in Mexico City and Mexico's 
drug war****.


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