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David Abel passages at rdrop.com
Wed Apr 2 17:02:12 PDT 2008

>From Carole Zoom (please forward widely):

I thought you might be interested in my idea to create a multi-tenant 
nonprofit and/or arts building in Portland.

On Wednesday, April 16 at 6:00 pm, I'm hosting an informal meeting to 
discuss the possibility of creating a multi-tenant nonprofit building in 
Portland. I am asking your help to make sure the folks you believe are 
interested in this idea will attend  the meeting.


I am buying a commercial building in Portland this summer or fall and am 
looking for nonprofit tenants interested in filling it (possibly at a 
reduced rate) and then buying it from me. As a former nonprofit 
director, I know how hard it can be to make this happen without 
partners, and I have already made this concept happen in Eugene. Now I'd 
like it to happen here in Portland.

MidTown Arts Center:

In Eugene in 2005 I purchased a building with my personal nestegg in 
order to consolidate 8 arts organizations under one roof, allow them 
shared infrastructure so that they could use more of their money for 
their missions. The Eugene Ballet took leadership on the nonprofit side 
and pulled together the tenants for the 14,000 sq ft building. Our 
arrangement allowed them reduced rent for 3 years so that they could do 
a capital campaign to purchase the building from me in 3 years. That 
building, called MidTown Arts Center, is now used by the Eugene Ballet 
and 7 other arts organizations, and they are purchasing the building 
from me this summer.

I am searching now for tenants in Portland for a similar set up: my goal 
is to buy a building in summer large enough for numerous nonprofits to 
use and work together to raise funds to purchase it from me as their 
fundraising allows. I am not rich and am not able to give the building 
to nonprofits, but I want my investment to work for justice in the 

If you would be interested in discussing this possibility with me, 
please email me at carolezoom at mac.com or call 541-954-8373. I am hosting 
an informal meeting on 4/16/2008 at 6 pm for those interested in meeting 
to discuss this idea. For details, contact me.

Carole Zoom

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